What You May Want To Know About Lake Cumberland Striper Fishing

If you are an avid sports fisherman, you will want to try catching striped bass in this lake. It is one of the largest artificially made lakes, and there are over 1200 miles of shore line to cast from. This body of water is over one hundred miles in length. The best fishing you ever had may happen right there. Lake Cumberland striper fishing is a unique experience.

This body of water is home to a tremendous population of striped bass. These fish can get over thirty two inches long, and are a joy to catch. You can find them in deep water, or right off the shoreline. The trick is to know when, and where, the fish are biting at any particular time.

There are strict size and quantity restrictions for taking striped bass, and licenses are required. Depending on the season, the fishing can be so plentiful that the daily limit may be reached in about an hour’s time. There are a number of fishing guides who can take you out for a day’s fishing, and show you the best spots to fish.

Bass like certain conditions such as warm water. The guides know where the warm patches of water lay. Bass may also be clustered out along sandy flats.

They can also show you how to fish very close to the shore. Large bass are frequently basking there in the warm water. The professional angler will cast his rig onto the sandy shore rather than in the water near the fish. Then the lure is bounced into the water and is frequently grabbed by a fish.

If there are windy conditions, you can use them to drive the bass to you. They will follow the bait fish as they struggle against the currents produced by the wind. If your lure is waiting there, you may get a hit.

Guides have a lot of knowledge and skills to share with you but they have something else to offer. They have well-equipped fishing boats, with powerful engines and the latest fish-finding equipment. There’s nothing like experiencing a fishing frenzy out in the deep water. You will have trouble keeping up with the fish as they grab lure after lure.

Striped bass are a lot of fun to catch. They can put up a good fight, and it is very exciting to bring one in. This area is a perfect place to go for stripers. There are plenty of cabins and other lodgings available, and a number of excellent guides to get you started. You will have a great time catching stripers here.

lake cumberland striper fishing

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