Bel Air Lofts – Providing eco friendly living

Bel Air Lofts is really a society on South Congress to the south of Ben White. They offer the very best of the world contemporary living and services with out the hustle and buzz of downtown. Individuals residing in Bel Air Lofts are quickly positioned to all the South Congress contributions with thoroughly simple access. These Lofts are established with two bedrooms and two bathrooms providing every little thing you’ll need.

The floors are made of concrete and hardwood; the kitchens are supplied with stainless appliances and granite counter tops, washer and dryer for the bathrooms, enormous windows in all rooms for allowing natural light and many more such amenities.

Bel Air Lofts are specially designed with a rooftop patio for the residents to relax and enjoy the freshness of air, light and nature. The main floor deck is boasts of a lot of space and it is done with green construction offering additional storage for plants to reduce the effects of pollution. To enjoy all these facilities, most of the people tend to choose Bel Air Lofts as their next home. Bel Air Lofts on South Congress is not only emerging a winner in terms of development over its competitors’ business strategies but also coming up with a throng of green building features in the future. With its remarkable mixture of architecture from the past and recent centuries with contemporary and South Austin retro styles, the Bel Air Lofts inspires the people to give their own homes a taste of both worlds!

The appearance of Bel Air Lofts is very simple, but in fact quite powerful. The cool gray colors and impartial concrete creates the simple look of the exterior walls and sidewalks. Industrial steel fine points decorate the doors, balconies and light fixtures. The beauty of retro colors is seen from the painted roofs and exterior wall segments. Even the overall really feel of Bel Air Lofts surrounded by tall buildings appears to be extremely close to the interior roads, developing the really feel of a Hollywood movie set.

Bel Air Lofts not only looks good but they are also doing a lot for the environment and surroundings. They are equipped with plenty of green services like rooftop gardens, low environmental dual piece windows and power star appliances. Bel Air Lofts have been awarded the 4-Star Rating by Austin Energy for saving the environment. For knowing more about Bel Air’s remarkable visual appeal and green features you can be log on to the official website that provides all the details.

Bel Air Lofts are a privileged one and two bedroom condo society, offering latest styles and facilities like straightforward access to plenty of stores, restaurants, amusement facilities and several much more. Bel Air Lofts in South Austin are the perfect option for those that are looking for sensibly priced rooms but are not keen on giving up location or build good quality. Their rooms are created having a beautiful landscaping plan having an outdoor patio, featuring a fireplace and a lot more. Take pleasure in your homing expertise with eco-friendly Bel Air Lofts.

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