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Dating Older Women Differs From Courting Younger Females

People are attracted to other individuals for many different reasons. Everyone has what they consider to be their specific taste in ladies; some men prefer to date women that are their same age, while other men will gladly start dating older women if they were given the chance to engage in this type of action. One question that many men tend to ask is what makes dating a woman that is older than them any different from dating a woman that is around their same age range. Continue reading

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Seduction Guide for Older Guys

As any seduction guide will tell you, older men can pick up younger girls. It’s completely possible and lots of men do it every night. The key with younger ladies is to use your older gentleman advantages. One of these is status. Because you are older than all the young men who are just trying to get her on a date fast, you want to establish yourself as a guy with status, and then frame the whole encounter so that she’s a young, inexperienced woman talking to a man who is reputable and experienced. Continue reading

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Dating Advice For Women: How To Get A Guy To Notice You

The topic of this article is made for the single girls out there as I am going to tell you how to get a guy to notice you! Continue reading

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