Dating Advice For Women: How To Get A Guy To Notice You

The topic of this article is made for the single girls out there as I am going to tell you how to get a guy to notice you!

Are you the only single one out of your friends?

Are you looking around but just don’t know where all the guys that suit you are?

Are you sick of dating the wrong guys and are you wondering where is the one for you?

I understand where you are coming from as I used to be like that!

So if you know you deserve better, then keep reading because I made this post for you.

Today I’m going to give you some tips about how to get a guy to notice you. Attracting men isn’t hard, but you have to remember it is the small things that count, so you have to pay attention to these tips even though they may seem basic.

You have to present yourself in a way that makes you approachable – Did you know that there are many guys out there who are really scared to go up to a girl they don’t know and start a conversation with them. You need to make the experience of approaching you very easy because most men experience something known as “approach anxiety” which means it is hard for them to come up and just talk to you. I cannot stress how important it is for you to appear nice and inviting and presenting your body language in this way is important. Men are very sensitive when it comes to rejection, so you have to create a vibe that makes it easy for him to come to you that is why you have to create a positive atmosphere and not give him the wrong impression. You want to be able to ensure that it is easy for the guy to come and talk to you.

Pretend that you actually care – if the guy you are interested in comes and talks to you, you have to give him something to work on, so you need to be interested in his conversation even if you are not. The worst thing you can do is just make him feel weird by giving him little interest. I must admit, there are times when men can come up with really lame conversation starters, but at least he’s making an attempt and the first move! Please, do not make him look bad, and give him a break by being interested!

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