Seduction Guide for Older Guys

As any seduction guide will tell you, older men can pick up younger girls. It’s completely possible and lots of men do it every night. The key with younger ladies is to use your older gentleman advantages. One of these is status. Because you are older than all the young men who are just trying to get her on a date fast, you want to establish yourself as a guy with status, and then frame the whole encounter so that she’s a young, inexperienced woman talking to a man who is reputable and experienced.

One good way to establish status is to be on good terms with the people that work in the place you’re going to. If you’re a regular in the bar you’re going to, this should not be a problem. Ideally, you should be able to call the bartender by name and have some friends coming over. When a woman sees you being friendly with other people, especially other attractive women, they know that you’re not some creep.

Younger women are particularly susceptible to this kind of strategy. They have a preconceived notion of you as an older, more sophisticated man. In their head, they know that the level of class that an older man has is greater than guys their age. Seeing you being friendly with some people around re-affirms this assumption inside their head. You know how to talk to people, and you are well liked.

People who work in your venue should be the first ones you befriend. When you’re first name basis with the bartenders and the waiters, the woman would feel that you’re a regular and you’re really friendly. Make it a point to say “hi” every time you’re there. You should do this wherever you expect to meet women. If you already have friends who are also regulars there, much better. You can establish yourself as a part of a group. Women tend to look for men who are socially accepted, and generally stay away from men who drink alone, hunched on the bar and nursing a drink.

Getting to know everybody at the venue where you operate is also good for another reason. It helps you get warmed up and in the mood to start talking to girls. Lots of guys have problems with getting anxious when they make approaches. If you know everybody and feel right at home, this will help stop this.

No matter where you live, there are bound to be places where single women regularly go to. Find out where these places are and do the groundwork. I came across a seduction guide that takes this technique farther. You can build social proof instantly if you know the people around.

Jon Sinn is the creator of the Seduction Roadmap, a groundbreaking program that teaches men all over the world how to seduce women.

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