Some Thoughts About Becoming A Ragdoll Breeder

When looking for an indoor cat, think about the Ragdoll breed. These animals are well mannered, playful, and love attention. Maintenance is low, even though they shed it is very little. This breed is good with children and dogs. They are also great for smaller living spaces. If you know about this breed and want to take a larger interest, think about becoming a Ragdoll breeder.

Choosing to become a breeder is a good idea if you are truly in love with these cats. There isn’t any money or fame in this choice, but the job can be rewarding. Take it on as a hobby of love. You will have monetary costs and will need to devote a good deal of time.

Find someone who has been a cat breeder for a long time. By talking to someone who has the experience you can get a good idea of what you need to enjoy the task. If you have a family, it would be wise to discuss getting into this endeavor, as they will be affected by some aspects of the process.

Some things that you’ll probably hear are that you not only have to love cats you have to love dealing with people. You’ll be selling your kittens to a wide-range of personalities. These people will be coming to your home. Most weekends, when you have kittens, means people are in and out of your house.

Each person will have to be interviewed to make sure of his or her intentions. Your job is to make sure the kittens will be going to a good home with a responsible owner. During the birth time, you will feel like you have a new baby. Make sure you have the time and energy when the due date is near. Interview a people to help you and tend to the kittens if you have to be away.

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The basis of breeding a line of animals is to improve each generation. It’s important to propagate the personality of the breed as well as making sure they are healthy and move the line forward. Sometimes you will have to make a tough decision about a cat that doesn’t breed well for the line.

It is important that every breeder shows his or her cats on a regular basis. This is when you can compare what you have been doing with others. If you don’t place in events, then you need to find out how to improve. It isn’t necessary to win the best in show, but you do need to receive recognition to keep your practice on track.

You will have the kittens through an early spay or neuter. This protects the breed and halts any chance of familial or related breeding in the line. Without tracking and understanding that cats can be sold and sent anywhere in the world, increases the likelihood of related line or inbreeding.

Search the web for Ragdoll breeders to get more information. If you still want to be a breeder after getting honest descriptions of what your life will be like, then consider getting a mentor. They will be able to short cut many mistakes for you and make your life somewhat easier.

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