Time To Propose? Get Her an Asscher Engagement Ring

Are you thinking about asscher cut diamond engagement rings? For those who want something comparable to the cushion cut, but less pricey, a marvelously romantic and antique-style ring, the striking Asscher engagement rings may tickle your fancy. Originally crafted by the family members of the identical name from Amsterdam, Holland, in 1902, the gem fit the 1920′s style perfectly. Proud of their style, the family still holds the patent on this beautifully cut gem. Every single one has their mark engraved on it although it truly is so little it’s invisible to the naked eye. If the mark can’t be seen by a jeweler’s eyepiece, move on. You might be not searching at an original.

This vintage cut that appears timeless in its beauty is from time to time described as a modified cushion or square emerald. It presents a square shape with deeply cut corners leaving it looking somewhat like an octagon. You might have this luscious vision comparable to searching into mirrors that get smaller and smaller. It’s a cut that directs your eyes toward the really center. You are able to get lost inside the magic of it. It’s a magnificent sight and it’s no wonder the design has re-gained a foothold in popularity.

One of the reasons for its surge in popularity is the interest that has been paid to it by the wealthy and famous. Though several movie stars have Asscher cut diamond engagement rings, the very best known ones are Jessica Alba with a lovely ring that has five carats. Ashley Simpson’s is really appealing 1 with 4, even though Elizabeth Hurley’s is often a stunning, whopping 15 carats.

Even so, assuming you do not have a spending budget comparable to the rich and renowned, do not lose heart. Like most antique or Victorian designs, the cost of an original is usually rather pricey. Having said that, the Asscher can still seen at its finest with the use of a modest gem and a superb cut. In contrast to a lot of stones such as the round brilliant, size isn’t as significantly an issue as good quality. Nonetheless, an original gem of fine high quality will likely be high priced only because of its age. You could acquire reproductions in the marketplace currently at reasonable expense. Be prepared, they will not have the stamp of the family members.

Magnificent when coupled with diamond accents plus a platinum band, an Asscher is mouth-watering. The accents as well as the band reflect the light back into the gem, producing it even far more lovely than it can be.

When you haven’t decided what diamond cut is your favorite, go on-line and bring up a number of the sites that marketplace these fantastic creations. Following you might have fallen in really like with Asscher cut diamond engagement rings; head to your favorite jeweler’s and choose one for your incredibly own one of a kind ring.

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