Tips on Haggling Abroad

If you love to shop, visiting a flea market in an Asian city such as Hong Kong or Bangkok will be an experience you will want to make the most of. You will likely see numerous items which you would love to get your hands on and cram into your suitcase. Don’t go in blind thinking that the price you see on the items you wish to buy is the price you must pay however, as that quite simply is not the case. You can haggle to your heart’s content but it will help to know a little bit about it beforehand.

An important factor is language. If you knew the local dialect or at least have someone with you who does, it would give you a great advantage. If this is not possible and the vendors you wish to deal with don’t speak English, you will need to use math. Obviously, math is a universal language so take a calculator with you and talk numbers.

Always ask for a far lower price than the one on the tag. Start by asking for half the advertised price so that if he meets you half way, you still get a healthy discount.

You would be in a better position for a sizeable discount if you are buying a large number of items as the vendor will view your purchase as wholesale. The art of haggling is made easier in this instance and you will be offered a much fairer price.

The vendors will treat you differently if you are not of Asian descent and have blonde hair, especially. They will offer you higher prices, far higher prices. It is up to you to make some calculations in your head before you even attempt to haggle with them. You will find it in your favour if you avoid wearing anything which could be construed as flashy as if they think, for any reason, you have money to burn, they will factor this into their price.

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