Jobs Available For Those With A Teaching Degree

Individuals who decide to earn a teaching degree can choose a career in a broad, dynamic and challenging field. Teaching degrees open doors to many careers, including classroom teacher, school administration, counseling, and curricula development.

Since education is often a high-demand career choice, many colleges and universities offer scholastic incentives, such as financial aid. This is especially true when candidates are planning to enter inner-city or low-income school environments.

The field of elementary education is vast. Bachelors of Arts and Bachelors of Science diplomas with focuses on education are the basic requirement for many school systems. People who concentrate on the science diploma are qualified to go into fields such as math, science, and technology. The arts concentration is often obtained by those interested in the fields of English, literature, social studies, history, art, music, and physical education. Age ranges usually span kindergarten through grade eight.

People interested in working with upper and middle school students often follow a slightly different track. They must still earn four-year diplomas, but their studies concentrate on the management, content, and presentation for older students, usually spanning sixth through twelfth grades. The upper school college curriculum requires a specified field of concentration, like computer science, geology, social studies, history, political science, English, literature, math, and biology.

Post-graduate studies can lead to the award of a Masters diploma. This certification qualifies candidates to work with a broader range of students in expanded settings, including preschool and college. A Postgraduate Certification of Education (PCE), and Professional Graduate Diploma of Education (PGDE), provide additional qualifications for candidates to work in many classroom and administrative settings.

According to a study performed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are about a million teachers working in secondary education nation-wide. Also, 674,000 teachers are working in middle schools, and 1.4 million teachers are in elementary schools.

Earning a teaching degree qualifies an individual to work in an engaging field. People with teaching degrees can become school administrators, curriculum developers, and classroom teachers.

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