The Significance Of Tibetan Silver Jewelry

For the snow laden northern part of the Himalayas, fame is something not to be expected. But it is amazing how Tibetan silver jewelry have made bells ring in the modern world because of their unique features and significance. Indeed, the ornaments have a remarkable history and meaning for those living in Tibet.

Compared to the modern art of making jewels that employ the latest technological devices, the ornaments from Tibet are carefully done by hand. Indeed, these are made directly from the imaginations and creativity of the people which connotes a rather intricate method before they can be completed.

In fact, their process of making jewels still involve manual chiseling and hammering that may not guarantee a flawless look like what most items in other parts of world are. But their rustic and rather unfinished look is what makes them more unique than their counterparts, making them more valued and loved.

In fact, the dexterity of Tibetans in this aspect of art could be dated back to 600 AD when temples were found to have been embellished with silvery ornaments. The items had been likened to modernized ones and thus, Tibetans earned their reputation to have influenced the contemporary ways of jewel crafting.

The items Tibetans produce are believed to have powers especially if they are embedded with stones like turquoise and jade, and corals. Tibetans think that these ornaments act like amulets that protect against ill health, invite good luck and fortune, and establish their connection with their religion.

Tibet is primarily a Buddhism community and they have faith in the so called mantra embodied in the six words Om Mani Padme Hum. The first syllable is the most commonly used symbol in most trinkets. One who wears it is believed to have a special connection with the universe.

China has prohibited easy entry to the region of Tibet and so most of their crafts are kept to themselves. But Nepal, a neighboring country, has traditions and skills similar enough to Tibetans for them to make the same brand of accessories which are now sold commercially. Many online stores now sell the ornaments at different prices and designs.

People now ought to show more regard to Tibetan silver jewelry, knowing how deeply rooted its history and uniqueness is. Aside from the beauty the items has, Tibetans surely made a great influence on the way modern jewels are manufactured.

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