Writing Work Opportunities Are Available In All Size And Shapes

I’m usually curious whenever I see a web-based ad for writing job opportunities simply because, for one, I am a writer, but probably more so as there are so many different kinds of writing gigs.

When most of us think about writing jobs, we picture a newspaper position, or a novelist or even short story writer, but there are many other types of writing jobs that seldom spring to mind.

The other day I spotted an advertisement seeking a writer who can produce twenty articles on food and nutrition for a new web site that was introducing in a few months. The one who had put the ad wanted all of them within a month and was willing to pay $1,000 for the job.

What surprised me the most relating to this particular job was that it compensated $500 to begin, and $500 once the task was accomplished. All of the writing jobs I’ve had compensated upon completion of the assignment.

I spotted one more position for a construction newsletter, which was one of the most exciting writing jobs I have come across mainly because it paid a yearly salary, with health insurance plus benefits, but was still regarded as a largely freelance gig.

One of the more interesting writing job opportunities I’ve personally been offered was to write a book on a kind of cancer about which there’s evidently not a whole lot of literature. That’s 1 of the several gigs I actually ended up turning down, given that I’ve mainly been a journalism writer, and did not actually know how to approach writing an entire book.

I have come across ads in search of essay writers, poetry, and, not surprisingly, the more unscrupulous parts of adult material or college term papers. Writing job opportunities come in all forms, and it’s definitely not a one- size-fits-all type of field.

I’ve often gravitated more toward newspaper and magazine writing because those are fields where I feel the most relaxed and know that I can do a good job. I have written a number of short stories and have attempted to write a novel, but those have typically not panned out for me the way in which other writing jobs have.

The best advice that I can give to a person trying to find writing jobs is to look for something you can imagine yourself actually doing with a certain degree of competence, and then give it your best shot. I can say in all seriousness that there is simply no worse feeling than engaging in a writing job in which you realize very early on that you’ve gotten in over your head, or obviously have no clue what you are doing.

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