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If you want to be famous or a successful artist, there are many avenues for you. You can choose to go and be a stage actor in Broadway, be a member of a band, sing solo, perform, or just do a little bit of everything. However, you must always take note that one does not become a star overnight. It takes time, just like what happened to Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Bono, Charice, even the very popular Justin Bieber.

Enrolling yourself in dance, singing and acting workshop will help you improve yourself and your chances in getting your dream. Though it can be hard to find good teachers, there are many mentors out there who can really help you develop your talent. Unfortunately, there are also some of them that only plan to suck the money out of you. So what to do?

The best thing to do is to join dance, singing or acting workshops. It may not be easy as it sounds, because even in workshops, you still have to audition. But the key is in finding the right mentor who would teach you what you really need to learn. Unfortunately, there are many people out there who claim to be Star Mentors, but would only take your money for nothing.

When you audition for a talent contest, or a role, you have to look at yourself and see which are your best skills. You may be good at singing, but way better at dancing. Always choose the talent that you are comfortable with, and really good at. For dancing, you need to pick the right kind of music. Choose one that you know by heart, so that you can dance to it and actually be in the moment. If it’s singing you might need two pieces, one slow and one fast. For acting you’ll need a monologue.

Auditioning is an important step to get the role you want. Charice auditioned for “Glee,” Renee Zellwegger auditioned for her award-winning roles. Auditions are the best platforms for you to showcase what you got, and to show your skills and talents to the people who need you. It is a form of self-advertisement, however, almost always, you get only one chance to show your stuff. So being well-prepared is very important.

If you plan to dance on your audition, you have to decide on the type of dance that you would be very comfortable with. Knowing the song by heart is vital, so that you can dance to the beat and really feel the rhythm. For singing, you need two music pieces; one slow and another with a faster tempo. If you are going to act your way to stardom, you’ll need a monologue for the auditions. Make sure that you memorized everything so that you do not get lost in the middle of the auditions.

Assuming you are now ready for an audition, be confident but be polite at the same time. Be nice to the other people auditioning with you, as they could be your friends for future work. Greet the judges when presenting your resume, be polite. By presenting your pieces to the pianist do the same. It helps a lot, everybody wants a humble artist. Be humble, it will take you a long way.

After the audition, thank the judges. Once the audition is complete, do not just sit and wait for the phone call, you’ll never know where you’re meant to be sometimes. Resumes are also important for auditions, search the internet on how to make a good resume. There are a lot of sites that you could get information from. For your photos, get a good photographer. It won’t cost you much either, it’ll all be worth it.

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