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Beach Carts, A Must Have Beach Essential – With the promise of a weekend at the beach being something kids of all ages appreciate, the next word connected would be fun or in my case – CART. How to cart all the loads of beach gear and accessories including, chairs, umbrella, skim boards, beach bags full of more beach stuff, such as beach blankets, beach towels and sand toys. Then there’s the cooler and a basket full of food and perhaps even a portable barbeque. No problem at all. The solution is a Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart and the party mood continues at full swing. A good quality beach cart is one that has strong maneuverable wheels and high-load capacity. Carts with more flexible tires and wider wheels can withstand heavier loads. The best tires are those made from polyurethane plastic which are puncture resistant and have high tensile strength.

* There is no easier and more comfortable way to start your beach party than having all your personal stuff and beach accessories carried on a dependable beach cart from your car to your favorite beach spot. Rio Beach has been offering beach carts for 20+ years in various load capacities. These carts are even more useful with an increased load capacity compared to the other beach carts; you can load your best gear and portable table with four beach chairs together along with all the other stuff in one trip. No more back and forth to the car for something you might need.

* In choosing a Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart I recommend looking for the wider more flexible tires which evenly distribute the load so it will maneuver on the sand better; tires made from polyurethane plastic are also more robust and puncture-resistant thus more durable and strong; choose also a beach cart which has stronger load capacity. The Wonder Wheeler with wide wheels is the better option for beach use. For sidewalk or indoor use only, the Wonder Wheeler Deluxe with regular wheels is perfect.

* Two of the most recommended and very popular Wonder Wheeler models are: DELUXE WIDE WHEEL WONDER WHEELER offering high-level load capacity up to 100lbs; 15 cubic feet of storage compartments in various pouches, also included is a removable tote bag for shopping or gathering; Wide frontal wheels measuring 4.5″ wide providing better maneuverability; flexible and easy to maneuver wheels on most terrain and does not sink in sand; Can haul a full-size cooler, four beach chairs, umbrella (in the attached umbrella holder) and other beach gear all at the same time.

* And the DELUXE WONDER WHEELER BEACH CART, a must have beach essential for beach lovers. It has two casters 4.5 inch wide front providing greater maneuverability on any surface. It has an umbrella holder; the cargo area and handle are cushioned for more comfortable usage, the removable tote bag allows you to gather your gear when the day is done or is especially useful for shopping. It shares the same features and functional philosophy as that of a baby stroller. The huge 10 inches back wheels are strong enough to handle sudden breaks and wind and does not topple easily. This model offers: Removable umbrella holder and tote storage bags and pockets; Increased loading capacity up to 100 lbs; Improved maneuvering wheels with swivel features, and easy to push and pull; Foldable for easy storage and can be packed neatly even into small spaces like a car trunk; easy to assemble. Don’t allow your fun-filled beach party mood to be ruined by your heavy load and the tiring tasks of transporting it from the car to your favorite beach spot. Look into the many beach cart options available online.

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