Rio Beaches

Rio Beaches Worth Visiting- The beaches of Rio by nature’s design and status are outstanding. The landscapes offer waves for surfers and serene beaches with emerald coves for memory making vacations. The Brazilian coastline lays thousands of beaches that are globally renowned for its attractive sand dunes stretching their way to the sea, their rows of coconut trees along the sandy coast, long stretches of black, white, red and bright shimmering sands, and colorful corals.

Ipanema is near Copacabana Beach, but it is different from its neighbor. One of its assets is its private infrastructure that has created world-class restaurants, shops and cafes. Ipanema is one of the most luxurious places to live in Rio de Janeiro. You will become accustomed to different kinds of surfers and sun lovers at the beach. Every Sunday, the nearest road to the beach is closed to motor vehicles for local residents and tourists to enjoy the bikes, skates, skateboards, and walk along the ocean. Ipanema Beach is known for its elegance and social characteristics. Two mountains called Dois Irmos which means Two Brothers rise to the west end of the beach, and are divided by segments that are marks as “postos” or lifeguard towers. Beer is sold everywhere on the beach in a traditional cachaca. There are always circles of people playing soccer, volleyball, and footvolley. Footvolley, if you are not familiar with the term is a combination of volleyball and football that originated in Brazil. An exciting thing about Ipanema Beach is that there is an area called the Gay Beach, located in the area near lifeguard tower 9, close to the street of Farme de Amoedo, it’s a gay friendly area symbolized by a rainbow flag flying in the air. Aside from this, just west of this colorful section and towards Leblon is another popular stretch of sand known as Post 10, where young hipsters and often beautiful Carioca and women gather.

Copacabana – First in our minds when thinking of Brazilian beaches, Copacabana and the hotel it was named for are situated on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro. This four kilometers strip of beach offers a lively menu of activities and astonishing sights. Swimming in blue waters, sunbathing on the sun-baked sand, kicking around a soccer field in a soccer game or volleyball game on the beach, all of these can be done here. This beach was named for the prominent and most distinguished Copacabana Palace Hotel which opened in 1920 and still attracts the rich and famous from all over the world. The attractiveness of the large white sand beach, the friendly people, the all night parties, the beauties in bikinis, sumptuous restaurants, bars and music clubs and night clubs, all at very reasonable prices, are just few good reasons why a vacation in Copacabana is more than just a day at the beach!

Leblon Beach is also near Ipanema. It has the same diverse atmosphere, but much less crowded and family oriented. This beach is very popular with female tourists and families because of its sense of comfort and safety. Leblon is a peaceful retreat without sacrificing comfort. Your children may experience the playground Baixo Baby Leblon, which is a well-stocked playground for children to enjoy the beach on their own terms. What is not very popular among the tourist is the place at the end of Leblon that is called “satemo ceu” or “Seventh Heaven”. The view is from a huge granite rock with a spectacular view of beaches and mountains. For safety purposes, directions are not provided here as the zone can be a bit rough and you might get lost. Local taxi drivers know the way and it’s really worth visiting.

The beaches of Rio have their own charms and travelers should embrace the culture of this area as well. Most of these beaches are easily accessible by public transport; a few are very remote, isolated, untouched and unspoiled by human hands. I can assure you that you’ll love every beach destination you choose since all of them have their own sense of history and appeal.

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