What You Should Learn About CPR Baltimore

When someone suddenly collapses, stops breathing and is unresponsive, you show react quickly and know exactly what to do. What is required is cardiopulmonary resuscitation, which is typically known as CPR Baltimore. This is done to try get the unresponsive person to breathe again and their heart to beat again.

CPR is now taught all over the world in first aid courses which are available to the general public. The technique follows a few simple and easy to understand steps so that anybody can perform it. It is not just for medical personnel such as nurses, paramedics and doctors, it is for anyone concerned with the health and well being of another person even if that person is not anyone that you know personally.

Anyone can learn to do CPR, and it is taught as a topic in a general first aid course. The technique is quite straight forward and follows a few simple steps which are easy to remember because they follow the first few letters of the alphabet. The technique differs when being performed on a baby, a child or an adult.

The first thing that should be done when somebody becomes unresponsive and stops breathing is to get someone nearby to call for help such as an ambulance. The letter A stands for airway. One should check that the airway is clear and their is nothing obstructing it.

B comes next and stands for breathing. Check whether the person is breathing, before proceeding to the letter C which stands for circulation, which is where the pulse needs to be checked to see if the heart is still beating.

The next step is to start chest compressions. They should be performed at a rate of one hundred per minute but once thirty have been performed, two breaths should be administered and the responsiveness of the person checked. If there is no response then this process should be continued until a response is received or help in the form of paramedics arrives. Everyone should undergo first aid training and know how to perform CPR. One never knows when one may be placed in such a situation and everyone should know how to respond adequately.

CPR is not the only thing you will learn in a first aid course. You will also learn what to do in other life threatening situations for example, when someone is choking. Knowing exactly what to do in crucial circumstances can save a person’s life.

cpr Baltimore

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