What You Need To Know About Training Shih Tzu Puppies

Shih tzu dogs are a delightful breed. They’re small yet confident and devoted. With the proper training, these types of puppies can develop into loving and obedient dogs. It is going to take some time and persistence. Generally speaking, a lot of dogs are not fully trained until after they are one year old. There are some strategies to make training shih tzu puppies much easier and less demanding on both you and them.

Until eventually your puppy has become completely trained, crate training is highly recommended by vets and dog trainers alike. It may seem cruel to put your cute, wide-eyed shih tzu inside a crate, particularly when they cry or whine. Nonetheless, there’s absolutely nothing at all mean or inhumane with regards to crate training. Actually, utilizing a crate will keep your dog safe when you are at work or sleeping at night. It additionally greatly helps with housebreaking. The crate will become a secure place for the dog. Make it comfortable by placing blankets, playthings, water, and treats in the crate. This simulates a den, and it offers your dog a safe place to find refuge.

Housebreaking is one of the first things you want to start working on. Given that a shih tzu is small, you may decide to have them relieve themselves inside the house. This can be accomplished by creating a potty place with a “patch of grass,” that is artificial grass on top of a litter tray. You could also use puppy pads and a large litter box. The other solution would be to take them outside. It’s most effective to select one or the other, given that puppies might get confused if you attempt to use both.

Training shih tzu puppies to be safe is really what you have to work on as soon as they are having reasonable success with potty training. Two of the most crucial commands are to “come” and “stay.” These will keep your dog safe by training them to come to you, or to stay put. Should they get off their leash, run suddenly outdoors, or get too far away in the dog park, these commands are going to come in handy. Treats can be used as rewards for ideal behavior. Make sure they’re special treats that your puppy isn’t accustomed to receiving.

It’s also necessary to take your shih tzu puppy outside for every day walks. Even though this is a small dog, they still require a daily walk. Encourage them to walk beside you. This asserts your role of pack leader. It in addition stops them from darting out and potentially tripping you.

Training shih tzu puppies will require time and patience. These adorable little dogs make exceptional companions. Put in the time and effort into training right now so you’ll be able to have a well balanced and healthy dog in the long term.

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