Weight Loss: The Diet And Exercise Program

All diets are not created equal and neither are your exercises and routines. Your exercise plan should be something you can do without hurting yourself. Remember you will be using muscles that have been dormant for a long time. Start slowly and gradually work up to a full routine. Make sure you have visited your doctor and get the green light to exercise.

Proper diet and exercise are the mainstays for a healthy lifestyle. The basic tenets to gradual weight loss and good health include developing healthy eating habits and increasing daily physical activity. If you haven’t exercise in a while, start out slowly and build up activity gradually over a period of months. This will help avoid soreness and injury.

Try to accumulate 30 minutes or more of moderate-intensity cardiovascular activity each day. Add strength-developing (resistance training) exercises at least twice per week to get faster results. Strength training paired with cardio will give you the quickest results for weight loss. Strength training can come in the form of machine, free weights, dumbbells, or even your own body weight. Doing strength training will help burn stored fat even when you’re not exercising.

There are many ways to work out and there are many books and videos on the subject. It would not hurt to do a little research on weightlifting as most diet books tell you that you need exercise but give you very little information on the topic. If time is a matter of concern, look into high intensity cardio and strength training, where you will spend shorter time exercising but work out really hard, so be prepare to be exhausted. Normally you will start these types of exercise well into your weight loss plan as the weight loss becomes harder or if you want faster results in the shortest time possible.

How hard should you work when exercising? Generally hard enough to fatigue the muscle and break a good sweat. You want to keep your heart rate up so as to strengthen the muscles and the heart. This is why you need to be checked by a doctor before you start intense workouts as you will be putting stress on the heart. Another exercise tip is to not lift heavy weights every day unless you exercise different muscle groups. Your body’s muscles need a day of rest to rebuild themselves. As the muscle break down and rebuild, you will start developing more muscle mass. Your muscle bulk will gradually become lean and the fat that is stored around your muscles will gradually disappear.

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