Ultimate Info On Steops To Fix Toilet That Runs

There are some individuals that may have issues with a toilet that runs. Having water running like that wastes money and increases a person’s water bill. There are some times that an individual will have to call a plumber to fix toilet problems, there are others that they can fix themselves.

There are many things that can be wrong and causing it to run. Some of the things that may cause the toilet to do that will require a plumber but many of the things can be fixed by anyone willing to do it themselves. By doing some troubleshooting of the unit an individual may identify if it can be fixed easily or not.

The first thing that someone would need to do is to remove the tank cover and flush. That way they can check for any immediate issues that may be going on. This may require a couple of flushes as the inspection of the flushing unit takes place.

While flushing there will be several things that an individual should look for. The chain that is connected to the flapper and flush lever is the first thing to check. Then look at the flapper which is the piece that allows water to flow into the toilet from the tank.

When flushing inspect the chain running from the flush lever. There may be places that it kinks or tangles when the unit is flushed. If that happens either untangle the chain or move it away from the flapper. Also check the tension of the chain. It may need to be loosened a link or two if there is too much tension.

Pushing down on the flapper may stop the unit from running. The seal may not be secure and that can cause the unit to run. If that is the problem replacing the flapper is simple. Turn the water off leading in from the wall and flush the unit. Remove the flapper by unsnapping it from the chain and take it to the hardware store to get a replacement. After getting the replacement part just snap it back into place and attach the chain. Turn the water back on and flush to fill the tank to see if the problem is fixed.

These items may help fix toilet problems that occur. It is important to look at the flushing mechanism to see if any problems stand out. Doing these types of repairs helps same a person money and time.

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