The Belkin Clip On Reading Light for Kindle 3

The Belkin Clip-On Reading Light for Kindle is amongst the classics between all other eReader accessories for your Kindle. As it does not have a backlight, having a reliable exterior source of reading light is crucial to fully enjoy the Kindle. The Belkin Clip-On Reading Light gives off a powerful cozy light, which comes in two settings.

It is possible to adjust the level of lights according to how much is necessary for comfortable reading. Even on the minimum settings, the three LED bulbs give off adequate illumination to read on the Kindle without being irritating to someone who is next to you.

The Belkin Clip-On Reading Light’s minimalist and elegant design makes it a great match for your Kindle. It may seem delicate but it gives serious performance. This model has a slim adaptable head that can be adjusted to achieve the best glare-free reading. It is also designed not to interfere in any way with the reading pleasure.

The clip-on base of this product is wide enough to get a firm grip on the Kindle, making it easier for us to move it about and even lie down on your side whilst viewing. And since it is cleverly designed, the base does not get in the way with our view of the display.

Another great feature of the Belkin Clip-On Reading Light is its usage of three AAA batteries instead of the flat watch batteries you annoyingly find in many other products. It is less of a challenge to locate a triple A battery lying about the place than a watch battery. Plus, it has no inconvenient anchoring screws making battery changing an easier activity.

The batteries might give your Kindle further weight however with the benefits involving longer lighting lifespan and easier maintenance, it is a small price to pay. This particular eReader accessory also features a switch that can be nestled safely away when stored; it will prevent the light from accidentally turning on and will help save a lot on batteries.


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Compact designed yet powerful reading light source.

Three LED bulbs provide robust, warm lighting.

Easily stored.

Dimensions are 76.1×4.2×1.4 inches and weighs 4.3 ounces.

Requires 3xAAA batteries.

Color white. [I:]

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