Travelling to your Norfolk Summer Holiday

Many people who are holidaying have a huge urge to either pack close to nothing or to pack everything to be certain they’re prepared for every single eventuality. For the first group of people flying may be the perfect way to get to their summer holidays.

For the rest of us worrying about excess luggage or forgetting something crucial, like socks, can be extremely nerve wracking. For them, travelling by car may take a huge weight off their minds.

Travelling to Norfolk for a summer holiday can be that much less problematic, and far more enjoyable, if you can simply pack what you need without having a scale. Simply throw it in your boot, take some goodies to tide you over while you head out to your holiday cottage. You can completely forget all about the issues of queuing at the airport, having to pay extra charges for everything as the airlines try to claw every penny out of your wallet.

Think sympathetically of all those sad people trapped in a tin can with so many other cramped people, no freedom at all while you slide open your window and enjoy the tranquillity of a nice quiet country lane. No engines roaring through the day or night, just the soft hum of your car as you take your time getting to your destination. Instead of being trapped into having to go whichever route the airline thinks is most efficient, you can stop to witness a lovely view of the countryside. There’s no rush onto the plane, to eat as quickly possible and then rush to disembark.

The difference in your enjoyment of your summer holiday can be so much greater if you arrive at your Norfolk holiday cottage already relaxed from the journey. It’s even better knowing that the trip back will be equally relaxing.

Simon Trefoils has been a travel editor and journalist for over 4 years. He enjoys taking holidays in Norfolk and relaxing in a beach setting. Simon has written about holiday cottages, Norfolk cottages and perfect summer getaways. He also specializes in off the beaten path adventures.

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