An Auto Accident Lawyer In California Supplies The Most Typical Driving Distractions

Driving is a serious obligation which demands your full attention, any auto accident lawyer in California will surely let you know that. Motorist distractions could happen anytime, anywhere as well as any location. A distraction is anything that takes your mind away from driving. Potential distractions are typical among young adult motorists and are the chief reason behind mishaps, contributing to one out of four accidents in America. These types of incidents also lead to over a million dollars in damages.

Driver distractions are the major cause of the majority of vehicle crashes and near-crashes. According to a study released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, 80% of collisions as well as 65% of near-crashes involve some form of driver distraction. The distraction took place within three seconds prior to the motor vehicle collision!

Here are a few of the most prevalent distractions on the road:

* Eating Food While Driving – It is among the most distracting activities you can do, as outlined by several studies by insurance providers and data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

* Mobile Phone Use – Driving while using cellphones or other wireless communication gadgets has been a issue for decades. Due to the rise in popularity of mobile phone use over the past decade, this problem continues to increase. When you’re driving to the office in your busy morning commute, you’ll always be able to take a look around and observe someone using their mobile phone – talking, texting, or browsing the internet. It has become a crisis.

* Noisy Music – A few people like turning up their car stereos extremely loud if they love the songs. Unfortunately this could also block out important sounds from outside the automobile such as car horns as well as the engine sounds of other vehicles. These are important hints that help a driver become aware of his surroundings.

* Looking At Maps – Individuals who are on a journey in unknown roads frequently bring maps with them for guide. Sadly, maps also take the driver’s focus from what he is doing. In the few seconds it will take to look at a map, an accident can easily occur.

Additionally, the GPS is sometimes essential but simply looking over to check instructions could cause a bumper thumper or worse! There have been a lot of GPS related incidents ever since they got into widespread use which includes general small accidents, people getting hit and even outdated or incorrect GPS maps driving people over broken bridges, into lakes or even off hills. The road on the GPS isn’t the real road and they must be used with common sense.

My auto accident lawyer in California agrees that apart from those cited above there are likewise a few less obvious forms of distractions such as strong emotional turmoil and daydreaming so it is really important that you observe while you drive. Our mind is not capable of handling multiple things at one time and be 100% focused on everything. If you are feeling that there is something essential that you need to take care of then it’s usually best to pull over and deal with the issue. Be proactive and make your driving experience a much more comfortable experience.

Hiring an Auto Accident Lawyer is significant if you were critically injured in an auto accident in California. You have to hire a dependable Auto Accident Lawyer In California who has the skills, experience and resources required to get the best possible result.

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