Top 7 Features Of Windows 7

If you follow computer operating system news, you may have noticed the conversations in some technical circles about Microsoft’s next operating system known as Windows 7. This new Windows edition is due out in the fourth quarter of 2009 and it includes some fascinating and useful features.It appears that Windows 7 is going to be a good one. At least that’s the early consensus from those in the hallowed halls of IT. Windows 7 RC1 (Release Candidate 1) is being put to the test and here are seven (imagine that) things which are liked about this new operating system:

1) Windows 7 Action Center No, this is not a news desk in your nearby Television station. This is a centralized location from which management of user security, troubleshooting, and recovery problems could be carried out. All of these features were integrated in prior versions of Microsoft Windows, however you needed to visit separate places to get to them. Now, this application brings all of them together under one roof. Brought over and expanded from WindowsVista, this really is one improvement that’s sure to please.

2) Windows 7 Problem Step Recorder Have you ever had an issue with your computer that retains on happening again and once more? If you cannot connect remotely to some help desk or other source of support, you cannot accurately explain what is happening. Now, you are able to use the Problem Stage Recorder (PSR) and document all of the display photos, keystrokes and mouse clicks and conserve them into an MHTML (internet) document that allows you to send it as being a zipped (compressed) file to those that will help you.

3) Windows 7 ISO burner The term ISO is really a name for an image (software capture) that is created for the objective of distributing software to computers. Mainly utilized to create CDs, the ISO standard continues to be around for a while. But in the past, Windows versions did not possess a utility that permitted you to burn this directly to a CD or DVD. Now you’ll find this useful applet included within the operating system right where it needed to be all along.

4) Windows 7 Credential Manager Ever get exhausted of managing multiple user names and passwords? The new Credential Manager is much better than Windows Vista’s User Accounts applet. It permits for secure storage of passwords and credentials in the Windows Vault that gives you access to other computer systems, web sites, email accounts, etc.

5) Windows 7 Text Tuning and Color Calibration In your use of Windows, getting things to look right on your monitors can occasionally be a chore. What resolution do you use? What if you want to make use of a resolution that does not look right on the screen? Now you can adjust that with this Control Panel application. This really is particularly useful when you have more than one monitor, because you can adjust each separately. It actually enables you to compare text and colors in your monitor and pick what appears best to you.

6) Windows 7 System Repair Disk Different Windows versions have included some repair features in the past, but nothing like this. This feature offers a very user-friendly graphical interface that permits you to make a CD or DVD that is bootable and consists of files that will assist you to repair problems with your Windows Installation. You can access system recovery choices even if you do not have or cannot find your original Windows installation disc.

7) Windows 7 Backup and Restore In Windows XP System Restore was perfected. But backup remained restricted in its features. In Windows 7, backup features have already been significantly improved and combined with restore functions to allow for a better overall experience in these critical areas.Windows 7 includes numerous other new and improved features over prior versions of this operating system, but these are 7 of the most commented-on by early adopters.

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