Best Tips: How To Obtain Contract Phones Without Having To Undergo A Credit Check

Increasingly, people who might once have paid their bills with clockwork regularity might find themselves needing to know how to obtain contract phones without having to undergo a financial “root canal” first. Nobody these days seems safe from losing a house, or a car, or from losing the job that pays the college tuition. Anything might come along and, for quite some time, leave a dent in our Equifax score. The issue is knowing where to shop where that credit rating will not be an issue.

Phone companies using telemarketers are paying out commissions on each new customer they gain. This means they have an extra incentive to make certain these new customers will not default on their third or fourth monthly payment. Hence greater scrutiny, including a thorough search of applicants’ financial histories .

By contrast, employees at phone company stores or kiosks are typically being paid on an hourly basis without commissions. Companies who use this method but who do not telemarket will likely be free to accept a higher degree of risk. This means those who wish to get a mobile phone without too much inquiry into their history might choose to visit their local strip mall.

The pattern repeats itself. The lower the phone company overhead, the more risk they can take with someone who might be something of a risk. If there is anything less expensive than a kiosk, it is having potential customers apply directly online. In fact, companies that do not use telemarketers but do have stores, such as T-Mobile, Orange, and 3-Mobile, might reject a customer who applies at a store only to accept him or her later that day when they apply online.

None of these, especially the upwardly-aspiring T-Mobile, wants to have an image as a cheap product in the negative sense. They are not going to go about advertising that they do not run a credit check. However, they are turning away just about no one. T-Mobile and its competitors hope to attract vast, worldwide customer pools, and are willing to admit those who might have riskier credit.

T-Mobile and its top competitors all scramble for that big global market. 3 Mobile and Orange are aggressively chasing T-Mobile. In this situation, customers might catch a great deal from either of them if they keep their eyes open. Like T-Mobile, neither phone company wants to specifically advertise that it does not require credit checks, but most anyone applying directly online ought to be accepted.

It is certainly best to choose an inexpensive cell phone. This is not just a matter of saving cash, or avoiding the appearance of vanity. Better credit is usually needed to purchase the better phones, so selecting one might make you subject to having a check run which you might otherwise have avoided.

Another option for those trying to avoid an inquiry is the SIM card-only phone service. This is a great choice for anyone who never got around to throwing away the old phone that came with the old suspended phone service. Since the phone company does not have to provide the phone itself, they can charge their customers considerably less than other services while providing more text and minutes. SIM card-only services are offered by the T-Mobile, Orange, and 3 Mobile networks, but on a convenient, rolling 30-day contract instead of longer, multi-month contracts. For price and flexibility the SIM card-only service is probably the best option available for those interested in how to obtain contract phones without having to undergo a credit check.

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