The Signs of Healthy Yorkie Puppy.

A healthy puppy should be strong, well-fed, joyful and very spry: fur glistens and shines, eyes are lively and clear. Puppies are very nosy and trying to investigate everything around. Larky puppies deliver plenty of troubles to the owners: they have to watch constantly that the puppy would not gnaw and drag things, footgear, not spoil the furniture. A healthy puppy either is sleeping, or is in motion. Such behavior is characteristic of all healthy puppies.

Diseased puppy usually loses friskiness and motility, seeks to be alone and hides into the dark corners. It abandons to eat or eats very badly. Change of behavior and rejection of eating may be caused by beginning of the disease or temporary indisposition, but in any case, the puppy needs your help.

Inspect carefully the puppy, pay attention to the nose, the state of the eyes, check teeth, and look at its abdomen. Cold and wet nose is not always an indicator of excellent health and can be observed at the beginning of any disease. You should not be particularly alarmed if your puppy’s nose is dry and warm: it may occur during sleep or after sleep, with excitement, in a stuffy room. You can check out your concerns only by measuring the temperature.

Sometimes discomfort may be connected with the change of teeth. In this case, its gums will be red and swollen. Very rarely, the change of teeth can cause severe illness with fever.

Another most common cause of ill health of puppies – is indigestion, which is manifested by vomiting and diarrhea. Sometimes strong burp is taken for vomit, which is often observed with overeating after a meal. With belching a puppy tries to clear the stomach. Burps are usually single and are not accompanied by health problems. Short-term vomiting may be with overeating, motion sickness, eating inedible objects.

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