LAN, WAN, MAN and the Internet: Computer Network Types

Accordingly, we can identify computer networks based upon its geographical arrangement and also for the reason through which a specific network system is created. There are actually a number of key forms of network categories, even though they will also be broken down into sub-groups, which we’ll look at below.

Local Area Network

Absolutely, the Local Area Network (LAN) stands out as the style of network you observe in educational facilities, in buildings, at households, or perhaps in pc labs. It’s always labeled as an effective network of computers along with add-ons inside of a confined physical spot, the place just about every personal computer or peripheral functions as a node to the cited network. The LAN is greatly defined through its very high data transfer speeds. The various varieties of LAN include Personal Area Network, a linkage of units utilized by generally one person, plus Home Area Network, a domestic networking scheme for the consumption of a large house.

Wide Area Network

As personal computer systems are getting to be larger and larger, the necessity to link up computer networks in a larger degree arose. This is why the WAN came to exist. A Wide Area Network is defined as a LAN, yet, it addresses a greater geographic sector for example a town, a nation, or maybe a couple of nations in several continents. The WAN quickly conquers the physical constraints of the LAN, while loses the rate of data transfers greatly.

A subcategory of a WAN is the Campus Network, which is certainly an interconnection of numerous Local Area Networks in just a confined sector. It is most generally employed at school grounds, in a college, or even in a tall structure or skyscraper, where connecting just about all computers in a one large local area network is impractical and pricey.

Metropolitan Area Network

A metropolitan area network (MAN) may be a great pc network in a city or maybe a school campus and it is comprising 3 sub-groups: the Enterprise Private Network (a network made for an agency to hook up its many company sites, for instance production buildings, the headquarters, distant branches, outlets from the towns and cities), the Virtual Private Network (a computer system that may be connected privately thru virtual methods, like the World wide web) also, the Internetwork (a link among some Local Area Networks applying a unique routing technology). A aggravate of Internetworks in the planet is currently referred to as the Internet. Cool to recognise, isn’t it?

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