The Elegant way of Using Breville bje510 ikon Juicer

The latest addition in Breville’s rang of centrifugal juicers is the ikon Juice Fountain Plus. With a host of innovative feature it truly outshines most of its competition with such a display of elegance and performance. This juicer would be a great addition to any households out there. Here are the product features of the Breville bje510 ikon juicer.

Flexible Functionality on Speed The juice extracted and the product that is produced will depend mainly on the speed of the cutting blades. As such, the use of this product has flexible speeds to cater to any fruit and vegetable and can be adjusted primarily to the water content and the hardness of the fruit.

Save on Prep Time This machine let you save time since you do not need to do any activity. These include precutting, slicing, or peeling. With its 25% large feed chute, it helps cater even to fruits that are large in size. This large stainless steel chute also works smoothly with the centralized centralized feed chute geometry high speed micro-mesh basket that is patented by Breville.

This provides the machine with the balance it needs to operate in speeds such as 6,500 to 13,000 RPM without having to face any vibration problems. Other juicers to avoid this are designed to function up to 4,000-8000 rpms only, which is half the speed of the Breville bje510 ikon juicer. Sticky foods such as apples cannot be completely ejected from the filter mesh at speeds of around 4,000-8,00 rpms, this would block the mesh and ultimately lower juice yields.

Quiet Operation To provide a quiet operation, the machine comes with rubber motor mounts, a dual layer motor base housing with integrated cooling ducts to isolate noise and suppress vibrations. So you don’t have to worry about waking the kids up when you go for your midnight dose of fresh juice.

A great way to add to your kitchen is this Breville bje510 ikon juicer which is very suitable in any environment. There is no doubt that the quality and elegance that it will provide to your home is truly worth it.

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