TF2 Characters Explained

9 different classes all with different abilities, its own skin and individual skills and abilities along with health and movement defences. As with CSS game servers, Team Fortress 2 has a huge amount of mods and maps via its community. So Team Fortress 2 game servers have been out for 2 years and the game is still as popular as it was when it came out

Team Fortress 2 servers have 9 classes that are split into 3 sub classes based on support, defensive and offensive. Though you don’t have to play these exact roles, they are set to give the best balance.

On Team Fortress 2 servers without an effective defence, you will lose. Having players on the back line is vital to stop the scout from sneaking through.

You have to be skilled at this class to know to play it without a proper gun or using the bottle to melee. The Demoman can take out enemies using a variety of clever tricks using the games physics engine. A weapon that can take out small health pools such as the scout, medic and spy is the grenade launcher- normally with just two hits! You can also use the grenade launcher to effectively take out sentry guns from behind corners. The sticky grenades work like proximity mines and so are great for laying as traps near intelligence or control points and tight choke points. Sticky grenades can be laid to take out a high number of kills. If you like your bangs and can’t aim then this is the class for you!

The Heavy is our next class. This guy really packs a punch. His high health and most powerful gun makes up for the fact he’s the slowest of all the classes. He can take down most things in a matter of seconds. The only enemy he struggles against is his opposite number. With a long range, he can battle several enemies at once. But with his slow speed it takes him a couple of seconds to rev up that mini gun. Once he hits you, don’t expect to move in a hurry! Covering while they take out the enemy, heavies work best when they are protected at short range. If you like to make people shut up on game servers then this is the guy for you!

The engineer only normally attacks in retaliation. He should choose to deploy and maintain helpful buildings to gain his team an advantage. The engineer is best known for his sentry gun which he can repair and upgrade with his wrench. To do this, the engineer has to collect metal from round the map. Strategically placed dispensers also resupply players. Teleports are an excellent way of moving players from one part of the map to another. A hidden spot near the enemy base is always a good position. Unfortunately they aren’t so hard when it comes to one on one. However they can be effective at medium range with their turrets and tend to sit in cover. If building and turrets float your boat, then choose the engineer class.

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