Dr. Michael Pritsker DC Discusses Some Of The Newest Treatment Options For Kyphosis

Different advancements made in neck and back pain therapy has proved to be beneficial for many types of disc diseases and degeneration. Novel back pain treatment options available today can be received from family doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, or a number of other doctors. New Century Spine Centers located in the Mission Valley area of San Diego is a chiropractic office that offers some of the latest technologies.

Chiropractic, Prolotherapy, acupuncture treatment, and herbal remedies can all be used for back pain and spinal degenerative conditions. Surgery is usually a last resort for most types of back pain. Many people turn to prolotherapy to help their body start to heal itself. Prolotherapy involves using an injection of a solution that is mildly irritating. The inflammation caused by the proliferant stimulates growth of new tissue in tendons and ligaments, thus making these much stronger.

When tendons and ligaments are strong, there tends to be a lot less pain associated with degenerative disc disease. Common herbs used for treatment include White Willow Bark and Devil’s Claw. White Willow Bark is used to reduce inflammation and reduce pain. It is very similar to aspirin and actually led to the development of aspirin. Devil’s Claw works like an anti-inflammatory and has been used for centuries in the treatment of arthritis and fevers.

Degenerative disc diseases or trauma to the spine can be the cause of kyphosis. This is an abnormal curvature of the upper portion of the spine. People who have this condition have a hunchback appearance. Bracing the spine and visiting a chiropractor are two common treatments used for kyphosis of the spine. Advances in chiropractic care may help this condition.

Bracing is used for treating structural kyphosis. Postural kyphosis involves a conscious effort to correct posture and thus treat postural kyphosis. Some forms of structure kyphosis are congenital, meaning it was present at birth, while other forms occur from trauma or over time. Scheuermann’s kyphosis is the most common form of structure kyphosis that bracing is used for.

To get more information visit the New Century Spine Centers web page at backcaretreatment or call them at 619-630-9153. They are located in the Mission Valley area of San Diego. There are several chiropractors there with years of experience.

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