Learn the Intricacies of Fine Art Using a Pencil

Pencil is first a drawing instrument and then a writing one. You might think that what is the fuss about drawing and writing; the fact is – pens are considered to be writing instruments more than they are considered as sketching ones. The difference lies in the ink. Pens use ink and technically they are more suited to write stuff because they cannot be erased as such. Whereas when using a pencil, they are still today used as drawing instruments and using even for rough work.

To ‘B’ or Not to ‘B’!

Pencils are segregated based on their lead characteristic. That is whether the lead is dark in shade, or is stronger and finer. Mechanical pencils with a virtually endless sharp tip use HB; for that matter the ‘general’ pencil (not used for drawing) use a HB lead. Artists use numbered-B pencils for drawing. The lead type ranging till even 12B! The shades, depth and characteristics of the lead are related with the number and the ‘B’. Artists into advanced drawing even use charcoal for instance. Charcoal is used to bring a ‘black and white’ effect into the drawing and to have the darkest blacks in a sketch. There are artists who use a complete black shade rather than gradually merging shadows in the drawing. Therefore to ‘B’ or not to ‘B’ is dependent on the artist!

Drawing using Pencil: Shades of Grey

A sketch is all about confident strokes. Wavering or shaky strokes won’t ever do justice to your drawing especially if you’re into fine arts. It is a different matter altogether if you use wavy/shaky lines that are relevant to your sketch. Drawing tutorials can now be thankfully accessed over the internet. The internet is a vast arena of useful information today. And with social networking gaining prominence, sharing useful information has only received a tremendous impetus from the socially active people. Experts are now more willing to spread their knowledge rather than keeping their secrets to the confines of art galleries. The internet has become the new art gallery.

The advantage with pencil drawing is that you can use the dexterity of your hands in a way that brings out the best in your pictures (and we seem to have a knack towards black and white sketches)! It evokes a certain nostalgia that colored paintings cannot. It is the expression of the dual-colored nature of human beings that cannot think of a third alternative to his black and white world – that is the power of the pencil!

Be it advertising or marketing of sketches (or even paintings), the internet has become an ideal platform for that. A search with a simple ‘Learn how to draw’ – evokes so many websites that it is practically difficult to decide from the best of the lot. Information is so freely available on the internet that we really find it difficult to think beyond the same, even if it is learning how to draw!

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