Animal Summer Camps

Animals at Summer Science Camps? Say Yes to Letting your kids play with animals this summer as a part of the fun they can have at camp. Find a science camp, or a more broadly defined summer camp that includes animals as a part of their program offerings.

Getting to know animals through first hand interaction reawakens a child’s sense of connection with nature. Experience with animals as a camper can begin a growing and lifelong respect for nature.

At Swift Nature Camp there is a unique pond aquarium gives kids a chance to see pond life from a frog’s point of view, while our Nature’s Neighbors live animal collection provides opportunities for up-close study and care of several common Northwoods residents as well as a few exotic immigrants. Campers with their own small animals are encouraged to bring them to camp to share with others. The animals live in the Nature Center, where all campers can enjoy and learn about them.

Working in conjunction with the Wisconsin DNR and the U.S. Park Service, Swift Nature Camp has also developed a hands-on environmental learning program which includes field trips, such as visits to a fish hatchery and state parks; hands-on field projects, like goose banding and butterfly counts; and exciting camp presentations, including visits with live owls.

Animals are a part of Swift Nature Camps voluntary merit program, in which campers can earn special patches by learning skills in categories such as insects, bird watching, pet care, and horseback riding. Acquiring skills is never separate from the fun and play that is a part of being a camper.

The summer camp you choose should facilitate a blend of play and challenge that is free of the stress of the school environment. The presence of animals in a natural environment can open the door to discovery, adding depth to the fun of going to a traditional summer camp.

To accommodate that range with a voluntary merit program that includes experience with animals. A camper’s interaction with animals can be refined into skills involving horseback riding, insects, pet care and bird watching. These opportunities never come at the expense of fun!

The joy of discovering nature is the joy of discovering the world we live in. Living in a natural environment with access to animals is a perfect invitation for expansive play. Camp is a place where children can learn about animals as a participant rather than just receiving information. Camp is more fun and less stressful than school, and the world becomes the classroom.

You can learn more about selecting a wonderful summer camp by visiting Summer Camp Advice Summer Camps

Swift Nature Camp is a , a non-competitive, traditional Summer Camps in Wisconsin for Boys and Girls (6-15 years). At this Kids Summer Camps campers enjoy animals and nature as well as traditional camping adventures. Swift specializes in programs for the First Time Camper as well as teen campers.

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