Jewelry: Interesting Details About Everyone’s Favorite Clothing Accessory

Jewelry is best known as a form of customized adornment regularly displayed by both women and men, but relatively few know about the more fascinating information about this stylish adornment. Whether looking for a nuptial ring, pendant or pair of pearl earrings, jewelry comes in many different types and styles that all contain their own particular story to tell. Of the many usual forms of jewelry, let’s consider a handful that offer unique stories:

Diamond Jewelry: An Advertising Gimmick?

Considered one of the most prized types of jewelry, diamond jewelry is believed to be the most attractive, stylish and extravagant. Whilst nobody can dispute that diamond jewelry offers a remarkable and sophisticated look, its popular position in the world of romance is what makes it truly unique. Many might think that the diamond’s looks, permanence or symbolism are the reason for the acceptance of diamond jewelry, it’s actually due to a shrewd advertising plan. The De Beers Company crafted an enormous advertising strategy that included the tag line “A Diamond is Forever” in 1947. Ever since then, diamond jewelry remains ingrained within the consciousness of people all over the globe as the most heart-felt form of jewelry. With billions of dollars in sales, clearly De Beers has done an outstanding job advertising diamonds and diamond jewelry.

The Evolving History of Bridal Jewelry

Weddings are a unique event and bridal jewelry can add a touch of elegance to bride and bridesmaids dresses, yet bridal jewelry is much more than simply attractive. Dating back to the Roman times, bridal jewelry in the form of an iron ring was put on as a symbol of matrimony that continued for thousands of years. With time gold was adopted for use in significant events and rituals like weddings, but types of bridal jewelry still evolve. Since access to diamonds was historically very limited, diamonds were not popularly used in bridal jewelry until 1477 when Maxmilla of Austria married Mary of Burgundy and presented her with a beautiful diamond ring. Obviously, bridal jewelry hasn’t been the same since…

Organic Pearl Jewelry Coveted by All

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The elegant pearl carries an engaging background and its use in pearl jewelry is still more interesting. Generated by shelled mollusks, the ideal pearl is totally round, smooth and lustrous, which is why so many covet pearl jewelry. Due to its level of popularity, the organic pearl has been duplicated in several ways to match the needs of the pearl jewelry market. These copies include the farming of cultured pearls and the production of replicas. Regardless, genuine pearls are still the most highly appreciated and commonly come in eight basic shapes for use in pearl jewelry: round, semi-round, button, drop, pear, oval, baroque, and circled. Most necklaces use semi-round pearls, earrings make use of the pear shape and pendants normally use button pearls. Irrespective of one’s taste for varied types and styles, pearl jewelry has something for all.

Birthstone Jewelry: A Biblical Beginning

For people who want a richer meaning in the objects they wear, birthstone jewelry supplies a ideal blend of style and substance. While the history of birthstones is uncertain, mankind has always been fascinated by utilization of organic materials deemed sacred or special and birthstone jewelry is the perfect example. Numerous scholars feel that the use of birthstones stems from the Breastplate of Aaron, a religious garment thought to have a dozen embedded gemstones considered to be the first instance of birthstone jewelry. No matter whether this Old Testament story is true, these days gemstones of all sorts can be found in birthstone jewelry of all types with meanings as varied as the people that wear it.

Fashion Jewelry Built for Fun

Consumers of all types take pleasure in jewelry of many kinds, but fashion jewelry is frequently the first to be disregarded. Sometimes known by the terms costume jewelry and faux jewelry, fashion jewelry was first encountered in the 1930s as an inexpensive accessory intended to be worn with a certain outfit. Because it was made to be attractive and disposable, fashion jewelry is inconsistent with the old fashioned view of jewelry as an identifier of social class. Meant to be fun, artistic and stylish, fashion jewelry is enjoyed by fashionistas of all types wanting to enhance their wardrobe in an attractive and interesting way. What’s more, a large number of prominent women have popularized fashion jewelry such as: Coco Chanel, Jackie Onassis, Elizabeth Taylor, Bette Davis and Audrey Hebburn. As anybody can see, notwithstanding being affordable and nontraditional, fashion jewelry ought to get a lot more respect as a type of popular expression and decoration.

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