How To Get Pregnant

Infertility is one of the most common problem that a couple encounter in building a Family. And some couples think they know how to get pregnant easily but they fail to meet the success.

Most couples believe that making baby is easy but sad to say it doesn’t work that way.

Most couples now wants to have an instant family, a quick pregnancy, but they don’t know nowadays its not instant anymore. Some couples try to conceived for many months or even years. Therefore I have some tips or factors which affects the mens and womens fertility and have a greater chance of getting pregnant.

First factor is smoking. We all know from the very start that smoking is really bad for the pregnant woman because it can lead danger to the baby such as miscarriage and etc. and it also affect the women fertility and it lowers your partner’s sperm count.

Second factor is Stress because women who suffer from depression or stress are twice as likely to have problems with fertility as women who don’t. My advice would be to try to slow down a little bit and calm yourself and have a greater chances of getting pregnant.

Third factor which could affect your fertility is food consumption, obesity and overweight. If you have few kilos above normal it is nothing to worry about. But if you suffer from obesity, you are going to face some problem if you are women who want to get pregnant. In case of obesity you should reduce your weight and burn some calories in order to gain better chances to get pregnant. Therefore certain nutrients are important if you want to boost your fertility and achieve pregnancy fast.

Fourth factor is knowing your menstrual cycle. If you will chart your menstrual cycle you will be able to find more easily your ovulation. Many want to be mothers do not know that they have each month period of about 6 days, during which they can conceive/sex . With charting your menstruation cycle and discovering when you ovulate you can discover this fertile period and successfully conceive a child. There are many methods how to discover when you ovulate.

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