Invigorate Your Mind And Body At Planet Beach Contempo Spa Today

If you feel that traditional spas are too expensive, or if you do not like taking your clothes off in front of other people, you may want to consider visiting Planet Beach Contempo Spa. This wellness center offers a range of services that may be able to help you feel and look better.

The services at this center are all automated, so you have privacy during your sessions. There are a number of machine-operated services to choose from during your visit. Beauty products such as creams, shampoos, and oils are also sold at each location.

There are many types of massages provided at the full service locations, including hydro and aqua message, and therasage. Some of the machines use pressurized and temperature-controlled water to help you feel relaxed and make your muscles feel less tense. You do not need to take off your clothes or get wet for these therapies. Other types of massage use vibration and heat to provide relaxation.

If you are interested in getting a tan or improving the look and feel of your skin, there are a number of options available at many of the centers. UV tanning and spray tans may be available. For facial care, light therapy may be used, which may help you clear your skin, calm it down, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

There are also meditation, oxygen therapy, and weight loss services provided at many sites. Meditation and oxygen therapy may be able to reduce stress and help you improve your sleep. For weight loss, the Slim Capsule is used. It uses a combination of massage and light therapy to promote weight loss.

If you want to receive spa therapy and save money at the same time, you can book an appointment with Planet Beach Contempo Spa. Their services may also be good alternatives for people who do not wish to visit traditional wellness centers because of religious issues or personal modesty. For the nearest location, you can check the company home page.

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