How To Make A Voodoo Doll In Simple Steps

The beginnings of voodoo as well as the existence of the voodoo dolls cannot be traced, but what is known is that it has been in existence for thousands of years already. The only historical facts that can be found about voodoo is that it has existed for thousands of years already. This has become duly modernized and mixed with other religions. Full understanding on why the voodoo doll is essential is best in becoming a good voodoo practitioner. In America and many other Western countries, voodoo flourished as the African slavery was practiced. The slaves supposedly used this practice to threaten their masters who were very superstitious. We all know that witches and any form of witchcraft always caused ‘alarm’ to many people hundreds of years ago. Eventually, many whites practiced voodoo and have mixed it with Catholicism. In America, Marie Laveau was the most feared voodoo practitioner. She was constantly sought by many white clients, there were even some who learned how to do voodoo from her. Her popularity and her practice gave birth to a new form of voodoo – the New Orleans Voodoo since it has been known in the 18th and 19th century to be the home of the most powerful voodoo priests.

To date, the New Orleans voodoo doll has become the simplest type of voodoo doll to create. Here are the directions on how to make a New Orleans style voodoo doll:

Prepare the following: -2 strong sticks, the other should be longer than the other. -spanish moss (or some other herbs such as lavender) -left over fabric – cut into 2-3 inch strips, you must have enough to cover the sticks and the spanish moss. reminders: colors have meaning, red – power, blue – love, green – money, purple – psychic development and commanding presence, yellow – success, black – repelling negativity -yarn to represent hair in case you cannot obtain the person’s hair, string, hemp cord, or waxed thread. – 2 beads, buttons, or black eyed peas that will become the eyes of your doll – needle and thread in a color to match or contrast your fabric – glue

Direction on how to make a voodoo doll, new orleans style:

Make a cross shaped figure with the sticks, the shorter sticks will be the “hands”. Use a string to tie them together. Make sure that they are tied securely. Wrap the Spanish moss or any powerful herb (in the voodoo world’s belief, that is) to the cross figure. Wrap the fabric strips to the cross, make eyes by attaching or sewing the beads, buttons, or the peas. Add the yarn or the real hair. You also have the option to add the real hair with the Spanish moss, that way, it will always be inside and not have the possibility of becoming destroyed. Decorate your voodoo doll with personal belongings of the person whom you’d like to cast a spell on. It is very important for you to have intense concentration while making the voodoo doll.

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