How Do You Like Your Fruits and Vegetables?

How do you take your fruits and vegetables? Ancient cultures indicate that fruits and vegetables were eaten raw. Fluids were also squeezed out from their pulps. Juicing has been a common practice among island people who use tropical fruits such as mangoes and noni. According to Ayurvedic tradition, juices are considered as medicines, a cure for illnesses, and for rejuvenating the body. Juices from limes, oranges, radishes, aloe and mangoes are examples with these benefits.

A vegetable-fruit ratio of 5:3 of the daily servings is recommended by the National Cancer Society. These days, the dilemma with people is that they have been very busy with so many things and with work that they forget to eat, especially what is needed by their bodies. Fruits and vegetables became easier to be part of the daily intake of individuals who are always on the go ever since the juicer was invented in 1930. It’s quick to use, economical and with health benefits.

The original juicer was invented by Dr. Norman Walker. What usually happens was the produce, either a fruit or vegetable, was cut into smaller pieces and inserted in the bag where it is then pressed so tightly. The problem with the first juicer was it occupied much space and was cumbersome. On the other hand, the juices were delectable. Juicers at present have become diverse and are made to suit everyone’s needs.

By the time I was eighteen, I became health-conscious. From then on, I have been making juices. After serving my husband for the first time of sandwiches with sprouts in it, he thought I was mad. It was totally different from what they had in Texas where he grew up. After many years of juicing however, it made a believer out of him. He now knows the health benefits of juicing and eating healthy. It has become our way of life and have benefitted from it at the same time. We are now always on top form and our minds are quick to resolve matters.

The body’s resistance and metabolism are enhanced when it is provided with the vital enzymes which we can get from nutrients from vegetables and fruits. These nutrients can be rapidly absorbed by the body when taken in liquid form. Now, how do you take yours, in a bottle, in a can or the one that’s freshly squeezed?

Typically, I go for the garden fresh greens – celery, cucumber and spinach. My partner though likes his juice from carrots, beets and most specifically apples. We have gotten used to taking a fresh juice drink every morning. In the beginning, preparing your juice may be slow. It will be a cinch once you’ve set your own rhythm.

So, go to your nearest store and pick out those fresh vegetables and fruits for your juicer. Start having your own set of healthy drinks and keep yourself fit.

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