Free Domains: Where to Find Them

The cost of doing online business is getting more expensive every day. Various fees are involved just to start up a website ranging from a few dollars to hundreds. Some of these fees are for web site design, hosting, email, software expense, and domain name registration. Although buying a domain name is not the most expensive part of starting a website, it is still a recurring yearly cost that is helpful to avoid if possible. Having your own domain name gives your business respectability so it is a great thing to have. Getting a free domain name and registration from your web host is a great way to avoid paying an initial fee and yearly maintenance. It cuts your expenses for running your business. There are some facts you should know about what is involved and what should be looked for in considering the offers of free domain names.

There are a few methods of obtaining a free domain name registration. Finding out what they are is not difficult. With the use of a few strategies a business or organization can by-pass the difficulties and extra fees charged for registering a domain name. There are many online and also local companies that offer domain name registration along with a hosting service for a website. The features of both are very similar.

A few ways to obtain a free domain name are:

* Always do plenty of research when looking into companies that offer free domain name registration. You will get the best deal for your company if you chose a web host with the provisions you require that offer free domain name registration. Large companies often get this given to them even with large hosting companies for the volume of business.

* One of the easiest way to get a free domain name from a web hosting company is to use the same organization for domain registration as well as for web hosting, email registration and even web design in required.

* Whenever possible use a local hosting company for your domain name registration and site space. This is a great way to ensure the best possible service since they operate right nearby and you have close contact and the ability to negotiate personally and bargain effectively in person.

* See if the particular web host gives domain names and yearly upkeep with a package plan. This allows you to secure your personal data and information on you or your business without the public being able to access it. People trying to take advantage of public websites happen quite a lot. If that occurs your webhost will contact you and let you know of a breech, or an attempted breech of your privacy.

* There are some free TLD domains which you can obtain for viewing a provider’s offers and signing up for what you can use thereby gaining points. The more points you earn the more likely you are of obtaining more free TLD domains.

There are quite a few services that offer domain names and offer free names and registrations. You will also find some that give the ability to re-direct your existing domain name to their service. Some will enable an organization to get top-level domains for free. Some of these providers included in the list below:

This domain name provider has a lot of great features for the website owner. They offer no-cost redirection that are more commonly known as Domain Forwarding services. They also provide URL masking, URL cloaking, and the ability to use Path Forwarding and some other services. One of the many other cool features of this host is their offer help with Meta Tags, and Favicon. The only requirement for the free services is a link back directed at their main site. That is a small price to pay for all of the free options.

This may be one of the leading free domain name providers. It a top level domain name provider and they also offer free .tk names. The biggest drawback to this service is it is only temporary free service. It lasts for 90 days if you have less than 25 page views during that time. It also has popup advertisements that are beyond the website owner’s control making this a less popular option.

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It is another popular free domain name service provider offering domains. One of the best things about this site is that they provide several free Domain Name Services such as free site builder tools as well as TLD domains. This site also features Domain Name Redirection service. However, currently the site is not proving any web hosting, mail hosting and FTP services.


It is one of the most popular free domain name provider site. The for-fee premium web hosting service is introduced by Yahoo! and it provides 3 GB monthly bandwidth limit. However, there are banner or popup advertisements on every page. The services provided by this site include manual for creating a web page, PageBuilder, design tools, PageWizards, File Manager and several other great add-on options.

Google Page Creator

Google’s page creator is a wonderful new availability for a fast, free website. It is still in development but offers a great many tools for site creation and is very easy to use. There are some severe limitations to the free service and still some kinks to work out but it is effective. Remember that services like this and Yahoo’s above free sites do not give unique domain names for free, but sub-domain names. This is less impressive for business and commercial sites.

This free domain name service provider offers domains. They provide free URL Redirection service and free Domain Forwarding service. The site also offers several other services such as free DNS that enables a website owner to run their own web server on any sub domain provided they have a static IP address.

One of the best features of is the ability to pick from several extension sub domains. You need to sign up at their web site and they will give you many services such as updating your IP redirection. There is a 50 sub domain limit for each individual user. They are often used for domain hosting, free DNS and Dynamic hosting. offers free and effective domain name service. They also include free redirection and forwarding service as a part of their free services. A good feature is the availability in several different formats for ease of use by anyone.

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