Tips To Have A Successful Gift With Purchase Campaign

Free is the trick word in the marketing world. Many companies and businesses are using it in their marketing strategies in order to attract more consumers. The gift with purchase strategy is just one of the many promotional strategies devised to use the concept of persuading customers to buy the merchandise through distributing complimentary gifts.

What Is The Gift With Purchase Marketing Strategy?

The driving concept behind the gift with purchase strategy is reasonably simple: buy the product and receive another product free of charge. Usually, the price of the free unit depends on the value of the goods being sold. The type of complimentary unit also depends on the good for sale. The more productive marketing schemes used free products that are related to and can be used side by side with the sold products.

Nowadays, cosmetic companies and grocery brands are the greatest users of the selling scheme, but there are plenty of different industries where it could be used. Most computer stores give complimentary accessories with the purchase of a computer unit, while tourism and entertainment establishments may offer an extra ticket for a minimum purchase of five. Your favorite restaurants and food outlets likewise present coupons if you buy certain products or if your purchase reaches a certain sum. Gift with purchase is commonly used as special promotional offer for special events. Perhaps you have heard of the complimentary goods package for Yuletide, free heart shaped stuffs for Heart’s Day, and a lot more others.

Think Up A Victorious Gift With Purchase Strategy.

The gift with purchase scheme can be an effective means to step-up sales and support rising brands in the market, particularly if the plan is carried on correctly. To make sure this strategy works, here are a few guide questions. Answering them will help you avoid inappropriate promotional item misconceptions.

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1. Who are your target customers? How old are they? Are they male or female? What social class do they belong to?

2. What category of merchandise do you wish to promote? Is it a novel product to be launched, or a familiar one that calls for sales growth?

3. How much is your budget for the free items?

4. How much will customers save given that they do not need to buy the free item anymore? What is the perceived value of the free gift?

5. When and where do you plan to launch the marketing plan? Is it available nationwide or in some particular outlets only? What is the duration of the promo?

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