Fashion Tips – Women’s Skirts

When it comes to women’s skirts, there are many different styles you can choose from. But what’s hot right now? Fashion changes regularly, so to make it easier, we’ve put together this guide to current trends in women’s skirts. One style of skirt that is really popular right now is the pleated skirt. This provides great options as you could choose to go for discreet or more obvious pleats. It makes a great look for the office and you can make a statement by choosing one in a bold color.

Skirts with splits in them are also really popular at the moment. The look can work for summer or winter and is especially great if you do it with a longer skirt. Not only does it make it easier to retain your modesty, but a long and slinky skirt with a slit up to your knee or just beyond is a really great look – especially if the skirt appears at first glance to be completely ordinary. Don’t worry about thigh high slashes; the aim here is to be discreet.

As we’re moving into summer, floral skirts are also really fresh and pretty, making for a great trend. Floral patterns are great as there is lots of variety to choose from. You could go for large patterns in a distinctive design, or something smaller such as a rosebud pattern for a great, feminine look. Floral skirts look great no matter what length they are, so you’ll be able to choose a skirt that best suits your style needs and preferences.

Next in our guide to current trends in women’s skirts is the ever-popular denim skirt. These look great when worn with leather boots and a biker jacket for an edgy, alternative look and they’re just as good if you team one with a bright top. It’s a good idea to buy a top quality denim skirt as it will last you for ages and you’ll be able to get loads of wear out of it. They never go out of style, so you’ll get good value for your money.

Finally, we come to the wonderful maxi skirt. This look can work in both summer or winter so is really versatile and a great style trend. Maxi skirts are long – generally ankle length or down to the ground and they’re especially good as they can incorporate other trends, such as floral patterns or side splits. Maxi skirts look good on all women, so if you are after a skirt that will see you through any occasion, you should definitely check out the great range on offer.

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