Basic Recommendations For Purchasing A Massage Chair

Choosing a massage chair to perfectly fit your needs is an important task. There is a lot of technology available and it is important to know the different options. We all know what it feels good but without trying 100 different chairs, we may not find that perfect one for us. Here are some of the more important features to consider when evaluating massage chairs.

Motorized Recline: Almost all massage chairs are built with powered recline. Motors are used to move the chair back and also raise the leg rest. This makes it simple and easy to find the perfect position. There are also massage chairs that use of manual levers to adjust the chair back and the leg rest.

Back Massage: Of course massage chairs are noted for their back massage capability. You want to see if the massage chair is capable of at least three or four manual techniques. Also check on the stroke length which is the amount of travel up and down your back. This will ensure you get enough coverage.

Neck Massages: There are many people who experience stiffness in the neck. There are a number of massage chairs which provide effective neck massages. Normally a body scan is used to determine the location of the back. The program then customizes the massage for your body type.

Remotes: There are two types of remotes included with a massage chair. Either they are built into the chair has a remote panel or they are wired into the chair and usually have a pocket or remote holder. The remote has all the functions of the massage chair available at the touch of a button.

The Shoulders: Massage chairs are a great way to relieve shoulder discomfort. Stiffness in the shoulders is effectively relieved using a kneading style massage. This is a side to side motion which helps to loosen up these tight areas. There are a number of different techniques used to help relieve stiffness, tightness and knots in the shoulder area.

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Reflexology Foot Massage: One way to really relax your body is with a reflexology foot massage. Reflexology has been used for centuries to relieve not only the feet but also relax the entire body. Reflexology has the reverse an effect on the build up of stress in the body.

Lower Body Massaging: There are generally two systems employed for the lower body. Mechanical systems are used in the leg rest to provide a kneading action to the calves. Other systems use airbags to provide a compression style massage. Both systems are effective in relieving stiffness in the lower body.

Heat Therapy: The integration of heat into massage is another nice feature. Typical massage therapists may use heat to warm up parts of the body prior to or after receiving a massage. This is a great way to relax different areas of the body.

Stretching Systems: The practice of stretching the muscles and joints is important to maintain flexibility and range of motion. Massage chairs are incorporating different techniques to provide stretching. There are both upper body stretching systems and lower body stretching systems available.

MP3 Players: Music is commonly used in massage therapy to help relax your mind. If your mind is preoccupied, then your body cannot relax either. This makes it more difficult for the massage to be effective. After all, the goal of a massage is to loosen up stiff and tight muscles.

Choosing a massage chair is an important health decision. It is important to think of your longer-term needs and match that with features of a massage chair. Think about some areas which are not problematic now but could be in the future. Make sure that any massage chair you purchase will cover your needs of both today and the future.

There are a many factors for evaluation when Choosing A Massage Chair. Get full body massage therapy from these recliners. Different technology is used to massage the whole body. Massage Chairs have automatic programs to coordinate their pneumatic and mechanical systems to deliver a great massage everytime.

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