Do You Have An Overactive Bladder? Be Careful In What You Consume

Do you put up with having a bladder that is overactive? Do you need to frequently stop what you’re doing so that you can visit the bathroom? Have you tested out all kinds of things in an attempt to end those frequent trips to the restroom when you are at work? Most folks are convinced it is the intake of fluid that impacts the amount of relief our bladders need during the day. This is the reason that many people end up inadvertently dehydrating themselves in their attempts to stay out of the bathroom.

Would you believe that it is also the solid foods that you eat that can bring about your “pee breaks” during the day? The truth is that a “number one” toilet break is merely another way for your body to rid itself of waste. You can make this waste from both fluid and also solid foods. What you expel is often from something solid or liquid, despite which form it took when you ingested it.

While Vitamin C is vital for fighting off bacterial infections, it has been established that citrus fruits can bother the bladder. This is certainly due to the fact that many citrus fruits are made up of acid and that is why they need to be avoided both as solids and as juices. The key sources of this acid are generally pineapples (which isn’t technically a citrus fruit but is just as irritating to your system), lemons, tangerines, grapefruits and oranges. You ought to select bananas, apples, pears and berries to get ample Vitamin C each day.

This might seem a little bit traumatizing but if your bladder is excessively energetic, you shouldn’t take in a lot of chocolate. Chocolate contains caffeine. Your bladder doesn’t like it very much when you ingest caffeine and it will send you to the bathroom quite a lot when you take in lots of it. Caffeinated beverages contain the same irritants as food with caffeine. When you make numerous trips to the restroom during the day try to lower your caffeine intake. Instead, you need to choose decaf sodas and coffees or dark chocolate.

Foods that happen to be especially spicy might annoy your bladder quite a lot. This might be hard to accept for people who like spicy foods but if you don’t want to spend your entire night running to the bathroom, you want to avoid the foods that are spiciest like wasabi sauce, spicy nachos, etc. If eating the food will cause your eyes and nose to get runny, it is going to make other parts of your body runny. The fix is simple; select exactly the same foods but just not as spicy so that you still get the taste without all of the bodily irritation.

We typically think that if it’s liquid when it comes out it must have been fluid when it went in. This is generally not completely correct. What our bodies excrete is the leftover bits of what we have eaten and drunk that our bodies are not able to use or store so it gets rid of them in whatever way is the easiest and most convenient.

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