6 Things You Don’t Want to – Do Sharing Your Elevator Pitch

In my consulting practice, I never talk about the salesperson’s speaking ability-I always refer to their communication skills. Communication is a two-party, two-action process. In sales communication as in other types of inter-personal communication, each person takes turns speaking and listening. Person A talks and Person B listens to what they say. Then Person B replies and Person A listens to their answer. There is a completed communications loop-hopefully.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen that way much of the time. In fact, I’m sure you can probably identify plenty of instances where the communications loop isn’t completed.

Second Persuasion Secret – You are not able to sell something you have no idea about You may hold a hundred units of the very best and newest need well-known to people. However if you don’t know anything about it, you may not be capable to sell a single thing. Therefore to be a persuasive seller, you must be familiar with the details. Explore and learn. You must be familiar with various intricate facts of what you are selling as individuals are likely to be requiring a lot requests about it.

Even though you are just trying to be a persuasive groceries seller, you must be familiar with what you are selling. Customers are likely to be asking and you are the single one who may answer. You would not like to purchase from somebody who himself is uncertain on what he is selling. If you can’t answer, in that case you can’t sell. You can’t sell something you know anything about.

Don’t Let Your Attention Wander. If you can’t keep your attention focused on someone for the length of time it takes to exchange pitches, you’ll cut off communication. Genuine engagement must begin with a willingness to take genuine interest in others. Looking off in the distance or looking around after opening dialog through your pitch sends a message, I’m really not that interested in you.

Don’t Go Into Details. You may be excited about what you do, but don’t launch into a major discussion unless you receive extremely positive feedback that this is desired. You need to remember that another person’s time is valuable. Keep your pitch simple. It’s better to avoid squeezing in too much information. Be prepared for potential questions and offer details as they are asked for.

These are the questions repeatedly asked by individuals who do not possess the other two qualities on how one can be a persuasive seller. If you realize you can sell and you understand what you are selling, self-confidence will become visible alone. Afterward you can approach everyone relaxed, competent and sell effectively.

I won’t belabor the point. Just remember that more sales are made with your ears (and what’s between them) than your mouth.

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