Wind Turbines and New Energy

There are devices which can create sufficient energy from the wind for household and other purposes. These are known as wind turbines. They are also known as generators or chargers. It is a device used to generate electricity by using the rapid air movement.

For that, there are different types of turbines which are being utilized. There are the ones with the vertical axis where the shaft runs vertically. With the latter, the blades do not have to point into the wind as with the horizontal one. It also comes in the shape of a giant egg beater. The ones with the horizontal axis have the shafts running horizontally where the blades have to do just that.

As the name therefore indicates, strong air movement is the main ingredient needed by the turbine to generate the energy. Many of these have been created and there are many variations available. They do have the same principle purpose though, and that is to manufacture energy without any pollution. It is therefore clean energy.

In looking at the horizontally driven turbine (which seems to be the more popular) the more up to date ones have three blades. There is also a very wide variation in the blade spans. The blades catch the current and should, therefore, be placed to face that direction head on. In order for the blades to spin or turn in the wind, the blades need to be attached to the shaft.

The blades are attached to the rotor which is, in turn, attached to the shaft. The shaft is a slow-speed shaft, but the rotation is sped up by the gearbox. The gearbox transfers the speed to the generator which then generates the electricity to the Megawatts you want. There are many uses for this electricity and it depends entirely on what is attached to the turbine.

The utilizing of the power being generated can also be regulated by the brake system which is part of such a setup. The brake system is also important in case of maintenance. Through scientific research, the location of the turbine or turbines can be determined. This will include how high the tower will have to be. The major element is to find the place where the strongest air flow can be employed to create the energy.

More and more people are beginning to look at turbine technology as an alternative. It is more reliable, efficient and clean energy. The difficulty is to find the places which are a perfect and large enough area to accommodate for this.

The farms – which are a group of these placed together – need a large area as they have to be placed at a reasonable distance from each other. It is also important to have these farms to be able to generate enough energy. It is also one of the reasons why scientists have started looking offshore as well.

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