Why we all need wedding favours & wedding guest books

It has finally happened. Engaged, at long last, a wedding to organise, a feast of festivities to arrange. Announcements to be made and a catalogue of details to consider. Whether the bride’s wish list for her wedding favours winter or summer? Traditional or modern? Large or small? With or without theme? Whether the weather on the day of the wedding favours sunshine or rain? The list is endless and the decisions ultimately personal. The result a day to remember fondly and affectionately for always.

The music is all important in setting the scene for the ceremony, from the arrival of the bride, her father and attendants, to the selected hymns or musical interludes during the service. Each will have been carefully chosen and may have memories attached or be personal to the families involved. The music goes hand in hand with the other elements of the service, whether poetry or readings have been chosen or a soloist or choir sing, all add to the ambience and sentiment of the service. The register is signed- their first official undertaking as a newly married couple is complete.

Having agreed, cajoled and negotiated all of these things, then comes the menu, the DJ or band, the drinks, the wedding favours, the flowers, the attendants, the rings, the place settings and the cake. The necessity that the wedding guest book into hotels and local accommodation. The list is so endless and consuming that it is often easy to lose sight of the real elements of the day that can be lost by the detail and dogged by the demands of relatives and guests.

Into the cars or carriages and onward to the reception for the remainder of the festivities and a chance for all wedding guests to congratulate the happy couple and their respective families.

The preparation for the big day is as all important as the preparation on the big day itself. The bridal party getting ready is a lovely part of the day. The girls need their hair styled make up applied and the dresses need to be put on with the greatest of care, along with the shoes and the flowers. Each step of this may be documented by the all important photographer, whose preservation of memories will be crucial in the aftermath of the day.

The ceremony, be it a religious or civil affair, is a highly significant part of the day, it is the legal binding of the two individuals and may comprise readings, poems and music.

A wedding day is about the families, their hopes and aspirations for the future. Two families uniting the past and present of their family lives into a shared future. This is the true marker of adulthood when a child is truly an adult, prepared to commit to spend their life in the loving support of his or her spouse.

Finally, the reception is the part of the day that is often most eagerly anticipated by the wedding guests. The party that follows the solemnity of the ceremony is fun and celebratory and includes the things that most people hold dear; good food, good company, good music and maybe some (not so) good dancing.

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