What Your Inbox Means To You

As you navigate the ins and outs of your Inbox, unsolicited emails and irritating viruses disguised as attachments may plague your Internet correspondences. To ensure the safety of emails you receive, as well as make sure your Inbox doesn’t become a cluttered mess, a few suggestions on how to make life much easier can be found below:

Safeguarding Your Inbox

Spam has been a huge problem almost ever since email was invented, and spam protection tools can help minimize these senseless emails you wouldn’t want to read anyway. There are mail providers that would let their users manually flag what they believe is spam, so their Inbox doesn’t get stuffed with their emails in the future. Other systems simply filter incoming mail and deposit them in a Bulk folder for later sorting. Don’t be surprised if one day you may see hundreds, or maybe more than a thousand junk mails in your Bulk folder. Some systems would allow you to block images for added protection – nasty viruses often hide behind links or images without you knowing it.

How to Sort Emails

Sometimes, users need to find specific correspondences that could have occurred months ago. Since you would most likely have page upon page of emails you have already opened, you will want to sort your emails by searching by a specific term – this can save a lot of time. Let us use the ever-popular Gmail as an example – search “widgets” in the search box and you will be directed to all emails that make use of the word, either in singular or plural form. The same works when entering first and last names of senders.

How to Easily Sift Through Unread Emails

Unread emails have a tendency of accumulating. While some may take first priority in reading, others can wait until later, sometimes sitting in the Inbox for quite a long time before they are eventually forgotten. The easiest way to manage your Unread emails is to filter out every email that has been previously opened. Most email systems provide this option and once clicked, all Unread emails appear in order for you to view or delete.

A Final Note On Inbox Management

One last thing you may want to know about your Inbox is the fact that you can tailor-fit it to your preferences. Many email systems allow their users to choose a color scheme for their Inbox. You may add Vacation responses that instantly alert those who send an email that you are away. Address books can be created, which makes responding to Inbox messages much easier. Shortcuts and nicknames for senders also make navigating your Inbox easier as you are better able to locate personal contacts.

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