What You Should Know About Tungsten Rings Pros and Cons

It seems that whenever one is in the market for a wedding band that will stand the test of time, or a piece of fashion jewelry that will make a lasting impression, the subject of tungsten carbide rings quickly comes up. Tungsten carbide wedding rings have become more and more popular for many legitimate reasons; however, as with all things in life they may not be for everyone. These guidlelines regarding the pros and cons of tungsten rings should help you to determine if a fabulous tungsten wedding band is the perfect match for you, or if you may find a better fit with a more traditional piece.

The factors that serve as the key selling points of tungsten wedding bands relate to the durability and strength of these items.

The tungsten carbide for these rings is heated to extremely high temperatures during the production process, which produces the hardest ring available in the jewelry market. Tungsten carbide rings are harder and stronger than steel and far outstrip materials like gold (which can be easily bent and scratched by hand). In the last step of the creation of a tungsten ring, it actually receives a lifetime polishing with diamond instruments. This trait makes tungsten rings highly resistant to scratching, impossible to bend, and completely tarnish-proof.

These rings are also unconventional, a good match for people who may find traditional styles and metals boring. The light grey color tungsten carbide rings naturally own simply doesn’t look like anything else, and further design accents like laser etching and faceting that would quickly erode from a softer metal work perfectly on a metal like tungsten.

It must be addressed, however, that even a great product will require considerations of its potential drawbacks. This is where personal tastes and lifestyle become very important, and decisions must be made regarding which qualities in a wedding bands are desired or necessary, which are negligible, and what problems are deal-breakers.

As we learned above, tungsten carbide rings are extremely hard. This makes them very strong and gives them all of the wonderful properties related to a ring’s aesthetic longevity, but this is also the source of the most common issues that wearers of tungsten wedding bands encounter. For example, instead of cutting out or adding in metal to size a tungsten wedding ring as a jeweler might do to resize items made from platinum or gold, a tungsten ring would have to be replaced completely to make a necessary change in size. When choosing a tungsten ring retailer, make sure they offer a policy to accommodate this need.

Also, a harder material that does not bend is more likely to break; this means that a tungsten wedding band will never bend out of round and cause the wearer any of the related problems that can occur when a gold wedding band bends, but under too much force it is possible for them to break. Even this issue has its good point, though; breaking the rings under gentle pressure is the way they’re removed in emergencies, and there are many stories out there about people whose hand were accidentally closed in doors or otherwise endangered, and their tungsten rings absorbed the trauma and broke but prevented more serious injury. While there is no guarantee that a tungsten ring would prevent injury and we certainly don’t recommend testing this theory, it never hurts to improve one’s odds.

In any case, reputable retailer of tungsten rings will be aware of these potential issues and generally offer some type of discount or contingency plan to offset the cost of replacements.

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