What To Look For In Marine Jobs

The offshore oil and gas industry is a big business today. If you are interested in different marine jobs you have five areas of focus to look through. The most important thing to think about in the fields is the type of training that may be required. The training that you have will often slide you into the area you excel in. The five areas in this business are offshore drilling; operating procedures; contracting; floating production, storage and offloading or FPSO; and maintenance service.

If you decide that a drilling company is for you, then you will be working to do all of the drilling processes to reach the oil and gas. These companies will travel to any location at a moments notice to get the job done. This usually includes all international sites, so seeing the world could be a big plus.

If you might enjoy the production or exploration of oil and gas, then you might want to look into an operating company. This company is responsible for applying for and receiving the license for these tasks. The brand names that we are all familiar with are the ones responsible for this area. Another task of this type of company is usually facility operations.

When drilling and operations need maintenance on their equipment they hire the contracting companies. The jobs of these companies are to keep everything working and in good order to allow for efficient production.

If you are looking at the FPSO field then you will deal in storage. These companies are in charge of all the equipment dealing with floating storage and offloading devices. These machines are built in the shape of a normal ship, but are designed to sit in a single spot for an enormous amount of time. These vessels are equipped with all necessary processing tools.

The last area of focus for this type of work are the service companies. These are the workers that are hired to assist with some other part in the system. These companies find themselves dealing with drilling and operations in the industry.

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