Wedding Stationery As An Alternative For Photo Wedding Invitations

Weddings are an auspicious occasion where friends and relatives get together to bless the couple in the journey of their new lives as man and wife. We all know the wedding arrangements need to be made well in advance so as not to leave out the important details. Once the theme and the location for the wedding is selected, you might need to think about choosing the different stationeries for your photo wedding invitations.

You might come across many picture wedding invitations that provide you the option of inserting special cards such as the accommodation, direction or the RSVP cards. In order to create a lasting impression on the guests, make sure to include a good picture of you and your spouse in romantic environments. You can even add texts such as “Our First Date” to imply the significance of the photo.

Now you cannot have the wedding invitations with photos sent within days of your wedding. Guests need to save their dates so that they are available to attend your wedding. In such cases, you can have save the cards sent prior to the invitations letting them know when your wedding will be held. If you are purchasing pocket style invites, then you can have them sent along with the main invitations.

Other important stationery for your picture wedding invitations is the acceptance cards. These cards are generally sent by the guests after they have booked their dates to attend the wedding. You can either design your own acceptance cards or have them ordered along with your wedding invitations. The main purpose of such cards to get the exact head count for the catering services and other arrangements.

If you are designing formal photo wedding invitations, then you can choose to decorate them with tiny beads, seals or embellishments. Ribbons are a popular choice since they give the invitations a more elegant and sophisticated look. If you are planning on a theme wedding, then you can match your wedding stationery based on the appropriate theme.

Online stores are a boon for working couples who do not have the time to design their wedding invitations with photos. All they have to do is select the theme, color or layout for their invitations and personalize them with beautiful photos of their choice. You can even take the time to visit a professional photographer and have him click a portrait of you and your spouse.

Thank you cards are a proper etiquette to a wedding. The main significance of thank you cards is to thank the guests for attending your wedding. Such cards need to be sent 2-3 weeks after your wedding or after you receive the wedding gifts. All the thank you cards must be addressed properly to the guests along with the addresses. Purchasing extra cards is a safer option if you tend to make mistakes or receive extra gifts from people.

Thank you cards can be purchased along with the photo wedding invitations so that you can match them with the theme of the wedding. You can even customize the thank you cards by adding your honeymoon pictures to give them a more personal look. Wordings such as, “Thank you for making our wedding memorable with your presence” can be included below the photos.

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