Viewsonic VX2239WM Full HD Computer Monitor: The Best Answer To Obtain the Perfect Image

Monitor is the most important part of computer that determines the comfort of your eyes. This is actually the main reason in producing the technology of HD computer monitor. With this kind of monitor, you can find better convenience in working with your PC in longer time because it will not make your vision hurt. There are many different types of HD monitor for your computer available these days and Viewsonic VX2239WM may be one of some best products that you really must look into.

This is a 22 inches monitor that comes with great quality of image. You will not be disappointed with the image as well as the convenience since it offers aspect ratio of 16:9 and resolution of 1920×1080. Not to mention the 100,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio that adds the quality of every single detail of the displayed graphic and pictures on your monitor. Therefore, you will enjoy graphics with sharp and clear color without making your eyes hurt and irritated.

Are there more features? Yes, you can find more than these features from Viewsonic VX2239WM HD computer monitor to get the handiest work in front of your monitor. If you are a game lover, movie producer, entertainment enthusiast, or graphic designers, this monitor with very fast response might be perfect preference for you.

You will not only get benefits from dynamic contrast ratio to get outstanding images, but you may also get perfect sound with the technology of SRS Premium Sound. Whether you are planning to play games or simply to play some videos such as music video or movie, you will have great entertainment with extraordinary image and sound. Besides, you can also simply connect it to any game console, Blu-Ray DVD player, or cable/satellite box to get more entertainment. It is perfect, right?

The glossy black finish of this HD computer monitor also becomes extra appeals for your room or for your system. You can simply set it on your table and look how perfect your room is going to be. In addition, if you are having trouble with small space in your room, you do not need to feel worry. You can just mount it on your wall so that you can safe more space. Both of those setting up could still give beauty and attractiveness to your room or to your system.

This monitor is also completed with 4-port USB hub. Therefore, you can easily connect some USB devices such as digital cameras or USB flash drives and even mice without any significant problem. In order to provide different connectivity alternatives, there is also the feature of HDMI, DVI and VGA inputs in Viewsonic VX2239WM.

So, what are you waiting for? Just find this monitor in several electronic stores out there. Bring it home and do the installation to enjoy amazing graphic and sound for professional and entertainment use.

When you are searching for computer monitor, you will not only find Viewsonic VX2239WM as your choice. You can also find large computer monitor in excellent quality and best performance to support all your requirements.

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