Using a Vintage Theme to Decorate Your Kitchen

We all love making over things. One of the best, and most inexpensive ways to perk up a kitchen is to give it a makeover. You don’t have to rip out cabinets or floors to make a kitchen look cute. Here are some fun ideas on how to give your kitchen a retro and antique makeover.

Make your kitchen out to look like a diner. You can do this by adding fun accessories to the kitchen, like hanging diner mugs, neon signs, and diner art. You can even add ketchup, mustard, salt and pepper shakers, and a napkin dispenser as a fun table centerpiece.

Add a cute tablecloth to your dining room table. The fifties had pretty embroidered towels and tablecloths and using them can bring in that same look for your kitchen. Find beautiful flowered tablecloths and hand towels. Tulips were very popular during the fifties.

Frame pictures of people in cute 50′s outfits. 50′s outfits will distinguish what time period you are going with. You can easily purchase stock photos of people wearing cute 50′s outfits, or you could even find posters of 50′s Hollywood icons. Be sure to find cute frames for them to put on the wall.

Put in a cute dial up phone in your kitchen. Dial up phones were the phones used during the fifties and are not used often today. This makes them even more fun to use and bring in the vintage feel of the kitchen. You can add the dial up phone to your wall or put it on top of a cabinet.

Find inspiration through coca cola products. Coca cola was very popular during the fifties. Add some coca cola products to decorate your kitchen. This can include coca cola salt and pepper shakers, clocks, signs, towels, wall art, or tablecloths.

Add a touch of Hollywood to your kitchen. Bring in some television inspiration from the fifties. These include anything from Betty Boop to I Love Lucy. You can find a lot of fun wall art, refrigerator magnets, and other accessories to tie in the fifties feel.

You can redecorate your kitchen with even a small budget by changing out the accessories. Accessories are what make all the difference. Put on a pretty tablecloth, hang some wall art, and some pretty hand towels that have a fun vintage theme. You won’t be saddened by your choice.

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