Types Of Exotic Hardwood Flooring Oakland For Your Home

Sometimes one’s floors may be in disrepair; other times, an individual simply wants a change of scenery within his or her home. Whatever the reason for deciding to change one’s flooring, hardwood flooring Oakland can help one see his or her project to fruition. Whether as a means to beautify or as a means of easier maintenance, hardwoods provide the homeowner with an elegant, yet functional means of taking care of one’s floors. The following list is of special, exotic hardwoods that at one time were very hard to find but that now are in virtually every home improvement store.

Jatoba, or Brazilian Cherry wood, is an exquisite reddish brown color that is one of the most durable floors available. The grain has an interlocking look with golden undertones that can beautify any room. It really gives an inviting feeling to larger rooms.

Brazilian Walnut is also very sturdy and its color range is varied, including beautiful high- and lowlights. This wood incorporates a sapwood that gives the finishing touch to the wood’s grains and textures. This creates various intricacies in the wood’s patterns.

Cabreuva is an exotic species of wood that works to create elegance in any room. Colors of these hardwoods vary from light brown to luscious purplish red. Installed in any room of the home, this type of wood floor will be a conversation piece in one’s home.

Tiger Wood is a hardwood that works great for smaller rooms, as it is much lighter in color than the others that have been mentioned. This can create the sense that the room is larger. The color range for Tiger Wood is from gold, to brown, to grayish white.

These exotic woods can be expensive. It is, however, possible to speak with representatives at local hardware or home improvement stores about discounts or discounted merchandise. Sometimes the store will have some marked down on clearance, especially if the planks are leftovers from a previous job. If one is only doing a small room, this can be a great way to save some cash.

These floor styles are gaining in popularity exponentially. They are great for complimenting any decor and can create the type of ambiance toward which one is striving. As with any home renovation project, the individual should seek a highly trained, licensed installer to install the flooring. This is the best way to avoid potentially costly mishaps during installation. A floor installer has his or her own tools and has experience in how a floor should be laid. One can ask about installers at the store at which he or she purchased his or her hardwood.

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